F1 2021 Game Details leaked – New Story Mode, Next Gen + Release Date

Codemasters have accidently leaked details about its new game, including a new career mode, next gen and its release date.

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The Formula 1 season is officially in full swing, which has led a lot of F1 fans to speculate what the latest F1 game by Codemasters will look like. Luckily for us, Codemasters may have just leaked some of the major new features that are set to appear in F1 2021.

In a leak on the Microsoft store, there seem to be some pretty major new additions coming to the game this year. Italian new website Aggiornamenti Lumia first spotted the game on the Microsoft store, which had the following details listed along side it.

New & updated F1 2021 career mode

We have been provided with a glimpse of what’s to come in F1 2021, thanks to this leak. And it appears that Codemasters will be focusing heavily on the career mode content. There are a host of new features listed, which we’ve outlined below.

Real-Season Start and Department Events

Two of the new features that were listed in the leak were titled “Real-Season Start” and “Department Events”. These both appear to be linked to the new and improved career mode. Although no other information was leaked about these new features.

We can look to speculate what these could possibly be by looking at other sports games and racing games. Real-season start could link your career mode with real-world on-track action. There is the potential that you will get to take part in scenarios that follow real-world events.

And department events sound like they could be scripted story events which allow you choice over the direction you develop your car. Possibly randomised events which could present a couple of options or goals to meet to maximise your car’s development.

2-player career mode with an integrated story mode

Last year’s game F1 2020, removed the story elements that F1 2019 introduced, and instead focused on the new My Team mode. In F1 2021, there is a new feature called “Braking Point” which is listed alongside a brand new story mode.

This sounds like Codemasters and EA will look to re-introduce a narrative driven story element, with “Braking Point” the possible name of the story mode, similar to FIFA’s “The Journey”. This is only speculation as no other details were given.

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There was also a 2-player career mode listed as a new feature. Just how this will work we aren’t sure, and it doesn’t list whether it’ll be online or split-screen only.

But it is great to see the career mode getting some love this year around, as Formula 1 makes for some fascinating story lines. The potential here is huge.

It also listed a 10 year career mode, which could let you start with a full season of Formula 2, then progress through to Formula 1.

Next gen upgrades

The Microsoft listing for F1 2021 listed both Xbox Series S and Series X support. This leads us to believe that Codemasters will look to make full use of the graphical upgrades that the new generation of consoles brings.

Other sports games from EA that have released since the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have all made use of some form of graphical upgrade. So it’s a pretty safe bet that EA’s latest adventure into Formula 1 will also follow this trend.

Full Formula 2 season

In the listed there is mention of Formula 2 making a return with the possibility of being able to take part in a full Formula 2 season. Whether this is linked to the new story mode, we don’t know. But it could signal the return of a story mode similar to F1 2019’s F2 events.

In F1 2019, you got to take part in a few scenarios which put you in a Formula 2 car, alongside your rival. You had a specific goal to beat, and depending on how well you performed, affected which Formula 1 teams offered you a driver position.

F1 2021 Release date

Although no release date has been officially announced, GamesRadar suggest that this years Formula 1 game could be on track for a 16th July release date. View our F1 2021 game hub for more info.

Last year’s game was officially announced in April, and released in July 2020. Meaning July 16th could well be the official release date.



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