F1 2021 British GP Setup Guide

Silverstone is an extremely fast track with some tricky fast speed corners. Our setup guide for Silverstone in F1 2021 ensures you have a stable car throughout a full race distance.

F1 2021 Britain Setup Guide

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Our F1 2021 British Setup Guide

Silverstone is a track which has been widely loved by fans for years. And the reworking of the track layout and inclusion of a new pitlane has helped increase the spectacle of the British GP.

It’s a track with extremely fast corners, and some technical corner sequences. The fast right, left, right sequence of Maggotts, Becketts and Chapel can be extremely challenging. So ensuring you have a balanced and stable car setup is key to instilling confidence when attacking these corners.

To really be able to post a fast lap time consistently around Silverstone you need a car which is stable under fast direction changes. And one which has enough rear downforce to allow you to accelerate early out of the fast corners.


Jumping into our aero setup, we’ve gone for 7 at the front of the car and 8 at the rear. This combination gives you a balanced aerodynamic setup, while ensuring the rear of your car is planted enough to the track for a good amount of rear stability.

I wouldn’t recommend running much more aero than this otherwise you will start to lose out to other cars down the long straights. And if you lack top end speed around Silverstone you’ll find it incredibly tough during a race to overtake or defend.


Moving on to the transmission, you should run a similar setup to our Canada and Austria setups. Go for an on-diff of 78 and an off-diff of 55. The higher on-throttle differential really helps your car accelerate through and out of the faster corners.

And the low off-diff helps keep your car stable and gives extra rotation at slow speeds, which is very helpful in the first and last sequence of corners.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry, I’ve gone for a front camber setup of -2.8 which isn’t as aggressive as some setups. Then go for -1.7 for your rear camber.

For the toe, you will want to prioritise your top speed by minimising any drag. Go for a low toe setup of 0.06 at the front and 0.2 at the rear.


Just like other high speed tracks, you will want a softer car setup for Silverstone in F1 2021. By setting your front suspension to 2 and rear suspension to 5 you will achieve a car which has the ability to ride the kerbs without too much stability loss. Plus the stiffer rear end will help with responsiveness through quick direction changes.

Then I’ve opted for a high front anti-roll bar setup at 8, with a lower rear anti-roll bar setup of 4. I’ve run inverted anti-roll bar setups like this around a lot of tracks in F1 2021. It helps keep your car stable under acceleration at higher speed. It will reduce your front end turn in ability a little, but sacrificing this to ensure you have excellent rear stability is certainly worth it.

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Finally, a ride height of 3 and 7 is pretty much the norm for Silverstone in F1 2021.


For the brakes, run our usual setup of 98% brake pressure and 56% brake bias. This will do you well at most tracks and Silverstone isn’t any different.


Finally, I’m running higher tyre pressures at Silverstone. Fortunatly in F1 2021 you can run aggressive tyre pressures without the risk of the tyre failures that have plagued real world races across the past few years.

Go for 23.8 for both fronts and 23.1 for both rear tyres.

And that rounds out our Silverstone F1 2021 car setup. This setup will result in a car that allows you to attack the fast corners such as Copse and Stowe, as well as creating a car which is solid throughout the slower corner sequences.

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See you on track guys.

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