F1 2021 Brazil GP Setup Guide

Next up in our F1 2021 setup guides is Brazil. This is setup guide will run you through the best dry race setup for league racing and career mode races.

F1 2021 Brazil Car Setup Guide

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Our F1 2021 Brazil Setup Guide

Back again with another F1 2021 setup video and this time we’re at Brazil.

The Brazilian circuit is one of my absolute all-time favorite tracks it’s super fast and super flowing. And every corner comes at you so fast that you have to be on full attack around the whole lap of Brazil.

Interlagos is a track which really rewards front down force and good rear stability under acceleration. The key to a fast lap time around here is hitting every apex and being able to get onto the accelerator early to push your way out of the often long and sweeping corners.

So let’s jump into our Brazilian F1 2021 setup guide.

Aerodynamic setup

Starting with the aero i’ve gone with a front wing of 9 and a rear wing of 8. By having a slightly higher front wing, it just helps the car turn into the corners and lets us hit those apexes a little bit easier.

The relatively high rear wing also gives us good stability under acceleration which is crucial when accelerating out of the longer sweeping corners.

Transmission setup

For the transmission i’ve gone with both an on-throttle differential and off-throttle diff of 55%. A lot of the corners around Interlagos are relatively slow speed, especially through the middle sector.

You want to be able to accelerate early without any real snap oversteer. The last thing you want is a car which loses traction easily around Interlagos so that’s why the on-throttle differential is super low at 55%.

This will give you a gradual loss of traction under acceleration and will allow you to get on the throttle earlier. The off-throttle differential, just like with many of our setups, allows the car to rotate a little bit easier through the slower corners.

Suspension Geometry

For the suspension geometry it’s no surprise i’ve gone with almost maximum front camber, and almost minimum rear camber. Go for -2.8 at the front and -1.9 at the rear.

I’ve also setup the car with minimum tow for both the front and rear of the car. Go for 0.05 and 0.2 here.

Suspension setup

For the suspension i’ve gone with a soft front suspension of 1, and a relatively soft rear suspension of 3. This combined with a stiffer front anti-roll bar of 4 and a soft rear anti-roll bar of 1 will really help your car remain balanced throughout the whole lap.

Then go with a relatively low front ride height of 2 and a rear ride height of 6.

Brake setup

For the brake setup, go with the brake pressure of 97% and a brake bias of 56%.

This will give you a stable braking setup for Interlagos. This is crucial as a lot of the slower corners in the middle sector will have you braking whilst turning a litte.

Tyre setup

And then for the tyre setup, go with a balanced front tire pressure setup of 23.0 on both fronts. And then opt for high rear tire pressures of 22.7.

The higher rear pressures will give you good stability under acceleration and the lower fronts will help with tyre wear throughout race.

You’ll be leaning on your tires a lot around Interlagos, as many of the corners are quite long and prolonged. This means your front tires will take a bit of punishment, so this lower pressure approach for the front should help with that.


And that rounds out our F1 2021 Brazil car setup. As mentioned this is a super fast and super aggressive track, and one which you really need to be on full attack all the way around.

This setup will help your car stay balanced through our whole lap, allowing you to focus on hitting apexes and attacking every corner.

If you like this F1 2021 Brazilian setup guide, and if it helps you out or you enjoy the setup drop the video below a like, and leave us a comment below to let me know how you get on.

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See you on track guys.

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