How To Sign Up To The F1 2021 Beta & Play Early

Codemasters have officially opened their F1 2021 beta registration. Below we detail the steps on how you can register for the beta now and play F1 2021 early.

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Update – 27/04/2021

Codemasters and EA have officially opened up registration for their F1 2021 beta program. You can register your details now for this year’s beta, on any platform. Simply follow the steps below to register yourself for the F1 2021 beta.

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How To Sign Up For The F1 2021 Beta

To sign up for this years F1 2021 beta, you will need a Codemasters forum account. If you don’t already have a Codemasters forum account, it only takes 2 minutes to create one, and you can even link it to your console platform of choice.

Step 1 – Sign in / sign up for a Codemasters forum account

Head over to to log in to your Codemasters account. You can create an account in just a couple of minutes, or sign in with your Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, Facebook, Google or Twitter account.

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Step 2 – Go to your profile

To find the beta registration tab, simply visit your profile by clicking your profile username in the top right hand of the page. Once you are in your profile, scroll down until you find the “edit profile” button.

Step 3 – Fill out the F1 2021 Beta Application Form

The last step is to fill out the “Beta 2021 Application Form”. This is found at the bottom of your edit profile page. Simply fill out the inputs, including name, console and which game modes you are interested in testing. Then agree to the terms and submit.

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When Does The F1 2021 Beta Registration Period Open?

The F1 2021 beta registration is now open and live. So you can head over to and register for this years beta. Simply follow the steps above to complete your registration.

When Does The F1 2021 Beta Registration Close?

The official closing date for beta registration applications is the 10th May 2021 at 2pm BST. After this date, you will no longer be eligible to apply, so make sure you head over to Codemasters forums before then to register.

What is included in this year’s beta?

The Beta for F1 2021 is essential a test to ensure the game is optimal and the vast majority of bugs found or eliminated. The game content itself has been completed, or nearly completed.

The beta will consist of a series of objectives which will be set by the developers. These will require participants to test certain game modes, or run specific tests within the beta. This will help the developers find any issues, and test for specific things.

As a participant you will be expected to report any issues or bugs that you come across, and you’ll do this via an exclusive F1 2021 Beta forum. Only beta members will have access to this forum and its primary goal is reporting any issues.

There will also be a number of surveys run by the developers, which will allow beta participants to feedback on certain aspects of the game. The overall goal is to attain player feedback to improve the game at launch.

The developers have stated that multiplayer game modes will be available throughout the beta, so they can test full lobbies.

Is the F1 2021 beta available on all platforms?

When you register for this year’s beta, you will be asked which platform you use. This leads us to believe that the beta will be tested across all current generation platforms.

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