How To Install an F1 2020 Mod – A Complete Guide To Modding

Modding F1 2020 is a great way to keep the game up to date, but it can be daunting at first. In this guide I'll run through the whole process making it as simple as possible.

Red Bull Racing F1 2020 Mod

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Modding any game can be a fantastic way to customise and update your gaming experience. When it comes to modding sports games or racing games like F1 2020, you can add classic teams, updated liveries, new helmets and more.

When it comes to the beginning of a new year. F1 2020 mods can always be the best way to update the game while waiting for Codemasters to release the next game.

Unfortunately for console racers, mods are only available to install on the PC version of F1 2020. There has never really been a way to mod console games, unless the game itself incorporates a modding platform, like Bethesda games do.

Below I’ll show you a step by step guide how to install an F1 2020 mod

There are in fact two ways of installing F1 2020 mods, with one method much easier, but much less common.

The first, and most common method of modding F1 2020 is using a piece of software called the Ego ERP Archiver. This free software gives you access to root game files, allowing you to change and update them as required.

The second method, is the simple copy and paste method. This allows you to simply copy mod files into the game folders, and the mod will then be active.

This method is as easy as it gets, but can cause some compatibility issues. Most mods you will find will utilise the Ego ERP Archiver as the primary way of installing. Below I will focus solely on using this piece of software, and show you how to install mods correctly.

Download the Ego ERP Archiver

The first step is to download the free software which will allow you to install mods.

Ego ERP Archiver is completely free, and safe to use. To download it, head over to the official website, which you can find here.

You will be able to donate to the creator when downloading the software, however this isn’t required.

Once you click through to the files page, ensure you are downloading the most recent version. Then proceed to install the software.

Ego ERP Archiver F1 2020 mod how to

Setting up Ego ERP Archiver correctly

Once installed, proceed to open up the software, and head over to the settings drop down menu. Click on game directory, and then click set directory.

From here you should browse to your F1 2020 main directory. If you purchased F1 2020 via Steam, then this directory will be in your Steam folder / directory.

This is the only setup you are required to do in the archiver itself. Once this is done you are ready to start installing your F1 2020 mod of choice.

Finding F1 2020 mods

The absolute best place to find F1 2020 mods is over at Race Department.

This website is host to a whole community of game modders who upload their own mods for the game. You can browse through a huge variety of mods including physics mods, damage mods, livery mods and more.

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The most popular form of mods are always team and livery mods. These will allow you to update the in game team liveries to the correct livery, or special livery variants.

You’ll also find helmet mods which are fantastic for career mode playthroughs. They’re also great if you want to try and keep up with every update of Lando Norris’ helmet!

Once you’ve found your desired F1 2020 mod, simply proceed to download it. Make sure you download it to somewhere that you can find quickly. Personally, I create a mods folder on my desktop which I download all F1 2020 mods to.

Most mods will be zipped to keep file size down. So simply unzip or extract all folders and files to your computer, and then we can start installing the mods.

Installing a F1 2020 mod using Ego ERP Archiver

The first step of installing an F1 2020 mod, is to open up the Ego ERP Archiver, and then click File > Open.

You will then be prompted with an open dialogue. The files and folders you will be looking at will be the games core files.

For this example, I will show you how to install a new car livery.

To do this, I would navigate through the files to the relevant team’s folder. The breakdown of the folders for this is;

F1 2020 > 2020_asset_groups > f1_2020_vehicle_package > teams > mclaren > wep > mclaren.erp

Simply click to open this file, and you will then be presented with a list of all resources on the left hand side.

You can filter these down using the tabs along the top. To install a livery I would navigate to the Textures tab.

The left hand panel will then list every texture file that is used for the team that you chose.

Ego ERP Archiver F1 2020

Here you can click in to the relevant file you are trying to install. For example a full car livery will be broken down in to sections such as left side, right side etc.

Click on the file that you want to update, then with that file selected, hover over the textures tab at the very top, and click on import.

Then you should navigate to the mod that you downloaded, and through the manual installation folders to the file you want to import.

Select the correct file which marries up to the file you are replacing, so if you’re replacing the right side paint texture, ensure you navigate to that new file in your import panel.

Once selected, click on save, and wait a few moments. You will then see the new texture pop on screen. During this process, the program will give you a prompt saying that the file already exists, do you want to replace it, which you should click yes to.

As soon as you have done this process, that new livery will be visible in game.

Most livery elements will have multiple files related to it. You’ll have the base paint file along with other files which dictate the glossiness and reflectivity of the paint.

Just make sure you are importing the correct files over the file you have selected.

Once you are happy with your installed mod, navigate to file > save to confirm you have saved the mod. And that is your mod installed!

Red Bull Racing F1 2020 Mod

Enjoy your new F1 2020 mod

This process is the same for whatever file you are looking to replace, whether it’s a livery, logo, helmet etc.

You can then head over and boot up the F1 2020 game and view your new mod in all its glory.

If you want to watch a detailed run through of how to install and F1 2020 mod, head over to The Slam Slider Youtube channel, where you can watch his incredibly detailed video guide.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.