F1 Winter Testing 2020 Full Results & Times

Alpha Tauri F1 Winter Testing 2020

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The Formula 1 season is fully under way now that winter testing has started. Week 1 is complete and we have had a good chance to look at every team’s 2020 challengers. Although the first week of testing is never representative of final pace when we get to the first race of the calendar in Australia, we can still take a lot from the time sheets.

Below we show you all of the numbers that you need to know from the first week of testing, and we will update this article when week 2 gets underway. Below you will find the F1 testing results, the fastest lap times, lap counts and more for each team and driver.

Fastest Lap Times From F1 Winter Testing Week 1

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As you can see, Mercedes had a strong first test and put in the fastest two lap times from the whole winter test in week 1.

If it wasn’t for Bottas’ fastest lap time on the Friday we may have thought that Mercedes had lost some of their advantage over the mid field teams. However Bottas went and put in a lap time over a second faster than anybody else in the whole test, putting them firmly ahead.

We all know that Mercedes are more than likely holding back performance as well which makes these standings look even scarier.

Ferrari, by comparison had an extremely poor first week of testing. Ferrari’s quickest lap time was set by Vettel during Thursday testing. With his time of a low 1 minute 18, he only managed 14th in the standings. This is worrying as Ferrari tend to perform well during winter testing, with Mercedes catching up come Australia. If Mercedes are this far ahead of Ferrari in winter testing, who knows how much further ahead they could be when we all turn up to the first grand prix in Melbourne.

Red Bull only appear as high as 9th in the overall standings, but neither driver set a fast lap time on the softest C5 tyre. Verstappen set his fastest time on the C3 medium tyre, and Albon set his on the C2 tyre. We’re all expecting Red Bull to be Mercedes closest challengers come the first part of the Formula 1 season.

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Out of all mid field teams, Renault, Racing Point and Alfa Romeo look particularly strong. After three test sessions the mid field teams look closer than they have been in previous years, meaning we should have a great fight for 4th place on the championship on our hands.

Overall Lap Count By Driver From F1 Winter Testing Week 1

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The lap count results from the first week of F1 testing show reliability is at an all time high.

Every driver managed to put in triple digit lap figures, (Other than Kubica who only had limited running), allowing them to get fully acquainted with their 2020 cars. Lewis Hamilton put in the most amount of laps of any driver, topping out with 789 miles covered across three days.

He was followed by Max Verstappen who showed that the Honda power train has come on a long way since the McLaren days. Other notable mileage counts are Carlos Sainz, who put in a good stint for McLaren in their last year with Renault engines.

Overall Lap Count By Team From F1 Winter Testing Week 1

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With Hamilton topping the driver mileage results and Bottas topping the lap time results, Mercedes had an all round great first week of testing. It is no surprise then to see them top both the Team and Engine manufacturer lap count results.

Red Bull proved that Honda is much improved in 2020 with the second highest lap count of any team, and are hoping the improved reliability will result in a strong fight for the championship.

Ferrari, and Haas both had extremely difficult test sessions, and put in over 100 laps less than the top runners. Magnussen was the full race driver with the lowest lap count overall, and neither Haas performed well in the lap time results. 2020 could be a difficult year for the only American F1 team, and the second week of testing will prove crucial for them.

Overall Lap Count By Engine Manufacturer From F1 Winter Testing Week 1

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This article will be updated with results throughout the second week of testing, to give you the most comprehensive look ahead at the 2020 F1 season.

Quick Look At The F1 Testing Results

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h2″ question-0=”Who was the fastest driver in F1 winter testing?” answer-0=”Valterri Bottas set the fastest lap time in the whole of F1 winter testing with a time of 1:15.732.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h2″ question-1=”Who is looking stronger, Mercedes or Ferrari?” answer-1=”Mercedes topped every results board across the first week of testing, whilst Ferrari had a troubled week. Ferrari certainly need to catch up in the second winter test.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h2″ question-2=”Who put in the most laps in winter testing week 1?” answer-2=”Mercedes were the strongest throughout testing and put in the most laps with 494 combined. Hamilton had the most laps for a single driver with 273 laps.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=””]

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