F1 Game Global Community Survey 2020

F1 Game Global Community Survey 2020
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This is your chance as an F1 fan and F1 gamer to have you opinion heard, and for us to influence future F1 games by Codemasters!

Here we have our unofficial F1 game community survey. Our goal in creating this survey is to get the most accurate and concise feedback from the entire F1 game community. In a hope that we can influence the direction that future F1 games by Codemasters take.

The results from this survey will be sent directly to Codemasters, meaning the more feedback we can gather, the more impact this survey will have.

We all have our wish lists for the F1 2020 game, and games beyond that, so let us all come together as a community to collate the ultimate wish list. The goal of this survey isn’t to discredit the quality of the current F1 games, as they have been some of the best F1 games ever created. Instead, we plan to use this survey as a constructive platform for community feedback.

Please complete the survey below. It will take around 5-10 minutes and covers all aspects of the current game. Questions revolve around feedback for career mode, multiplayer and the game as a whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the global community survey?

This survey has been designed for F1 fans and sim racers to provide detailed feedback to aid the direction of future F1 games.

What will be done with this feedback?

The collated feedback will be sent directly to Codemasters for review. This is our chance to provide real feedback on the current state of F1 games.

Will the results be published?

We will summarize the results of this feedback and reveal the results here on SimRacingSetup.com Nobodies name or email address will be revealed, and all feedback in anonymous.

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