F1 2020 Vietnam GP Setup Guide

F1 2020 Vietnam Setup Guide

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Below is our F1 2020 Vietnam Setup Guide

Vietnam makes up one of the two new tracks in the F1 2020 game, and is a circuit which is already dividing opinion.

In this guide, I’ll run through what makes the best car setup for Vietnam in F1 2020. This setup has been designed for long distance races and online league racing, and isn’t designed to be the quickest one lap setup.

There is a lot of dislike for the track layout already, although I found it very fun to drive during my F1 2020 career.

Like many modern street circuits, there is a combination of long straights and medium to fast corners. And Vietnam even throws in quite a few slower corners. The last sector in particular is extremely fun to drive.

The setup should give you the best combination for max speed on the extremely long straight, and good downforce around the medium and slow corners.

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So, jumping straight in to the setup.

Hanoi can be a tricky circuit to learn, with a few frustratingly technical corners. However what is apparent, is that you need a very stable and reasonably low drag car setup.

Hanoi is also limited by tyre wear and is easily a two stop race at 50% race distance. The setup below helped us perform a one stop strategy during a 50% race in our career mode, helping us get a great result around this brand new circuit.


Start by setting up your aero with 3, 7 wings. You need to ensure your setup is fairly low drag, and we achieve this with the low downforce front wing.


Due to the high tyre wear, you should certainly look to run a very conservative transmission setup.

We have gone for 55 and 60% here. This will help with traction on to the long straights as well as extending your tyre life.

Suspension Geometry

We have setup our camber to allow us maximum speed through the twisty final sector. There is a lot of time to be found in this last sector, so a low (max) camber setup is key.

Run with camber of -2.7 and -1.0.

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We have reduced the toe setup to be efficient along the long straights, maximising our straight line speed. Go for toe of 0.07 and 0.26.


Our suspension is a combination of a softer front end, and stiffer, more responsive rear end. Go with 2 and 7 on your suspension setup.

The soft front will allow you to attack the kerbs that you need to around Hanoi. While the stiffer rear, and stiff anti-roll bars ensure your car is as responsive as it needs to be through the twisty sectors.

Set your anti-roll bars to 9 and 9.

Finally the ride height is most efficient when set to 3, 5.


Braking is crucial at Hanoi, with some extremely heavy braking zones. Set your brake pressure high at 95%, and the brake bias at around 54%. This will give the best combination of braking power and stability.


Finally, to round out our setup, and to ensure we have the best tyre life possible, go with extremely low tyre pressures, with 21.8 at the front and 19.9 at the rear.

And that will do it for our race setup for Vietnam in F1 2020. It’ll hopefully help you maintain great tyre life during long races, while giving you a responsive and well-balanced car.

Hopefully it works just as well for you. If you fancy watching our hotlap, and setup guide, watch the video below.

See you on track.

Setup Guide Video

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