F1 2020 Netherlands GP Setup Guide

Zandvoort F1 2020 Setup Guide

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Below is our F1 2020 Netherlands Setup Guide

2020 is the first year where Zandvoort should have made its F1 return. However we never got the pleasure of actually watching real F1 cars driving this magnificent track. Luckily for us, we can still drive the track virtually in F1 2020. And this is one hell of a fun track to drive, even if there aren’t many overtaking zones.

In this guide, I’ll run through my favourite car setup for the new Zandvoort circuit in F1 2020. As with all of our other track setup guides, this setup is designed for long distance race runs.

It performs very well across a long race distance, producing good pace and tyre life.

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Zandvoort F1 2020 Setup Guide

Jumping in to the setup itself, Zandvoort features some extremely quick sectors with an almost rollercoaster style feel to the track.


Looking at the aero setup, Zandvoort can be taken at high speed, although there are a fair few corners which require a very sticky a car. We found that having a higher aero setup works better than the low drag alternative.

Set your wings to 6 and 9. This gives enough front and rear downforce through the extremely fast undulating corners.


Set the transmission to 50% and 58%. This allows your car to be very drive-able out of the slower corners, and the low off-throttle diff keeps your car responsive and on its toes.

Suspension Geometry

With the suspension geometry, Zandvoort is another track which benefits from higher camber and low toe. This combination will help your car through the longer corners while staying responsive. Go for -2.6, -1.1, 0.06 and 0.26.


Zandvoort is one of the bumpiest tracks on the calendar, with many elevation changes. This means you will want an extremely soft suspension with 1 at the front and 3 at the rear.

You’ll also be riding over kerbs both on corner entry and exit, so the soft suspension will help here also.

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We try to keep the anti-roll bars a little stiffer than the suspension, while not being too stiff at 6 and 7. And the ride height should be set to around 2 and 4.

Overall, this suspension setup will allow you to really attack this track without your car being too skittish.


As for the brakes, we are running the combination of high brake pressure and a slightly rearward brake bias. The brake bias at 52% will help combat the higher brake pressure, and you shouldn’t experience any wheel lock ups.


We use the tyre pressures to soften the car a little bit more, and we have found that 21.8 at the fronts and 19.5 at the rears works best.

Our front left tyre takes the most punishment around here, so you can lower that by one click if you run in to any heat issues. But to be honest, you really shouldn’t encounter any tyre issues with this low pressure setup.

And that does it for our Zandvoort setup.

This track is amazing fun to drive, and you really need to be aggressive throughout the lap to find time, especially through the unnaturally fast turn 9.

Hopefully it works just as well for you. If you fancy watching our hotlap, and setup guide, watch the video below.

See you on track.

Setup Guide Video

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