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F1 2020 My Team Game Mode

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Yesterday marked the first time that Codemasters allowed players to get their hands on the new F1 2020 game. A preview build of the game was sent out to a selection of Youtubers and press, so they could experience the new game.

Unfortunately the rest of the gaming community will have to wait until July 10th to get their hands on F1 2020. Unless you signed up for the F1 2020 beta access that is! Read more about the F1 2020 beta here.

However this first build of the F1 2020 game allows players to drive any of the 2020 Formula 1 cars around a selection of tracks. This gameplay is limited to time trial mode only, so we can’t experience the new My Team game mode first hand. But we do know a lot more about the game mode and how it will exactly work.

Below we will break down all of the new aspects of the F1 2020 My Team mode and how it will work.

What we know already about F1 2020 My Team

Before Codemasters official My Team presentation, which was held behind closed doors to a small selection of the press and F1 gaming community, we knew some details about My Team.

We knew that you would be creating a new Formula 1 team from scratch to form the 11th team on the grid. That you would be able to choose your own powertrain from any of the current engine suppliers, and that you have all managerial decisions such as choosing a team mate, the cars branding and where you will focus your research.

Perfect, you’re all caught up! Now lets move on to the exciting new features we have learned from Codemasters presentation.

Signing a title sponsor

The first thing you will do when you boot up My Team mode, is to create your team itself. One of the very first decisions you will have to make is to choose a primary sponsor for your team. This primary sponsor will not only affect what sponsor logo appears on your car, but will also give you different amounts of money depending on which sponsor you choose.

This is a very important decision as it will either give you more money to develop your team quicker, or limit the amount you can spend initially. We don’t know what benefits choosing a lower paying sponsor would be as that hasn’t been revealed. Possibly easier race targets making the initial part of the game a little easier.

Lee Mather, F1 2020 game director, spoke about the in-game sponsors, saying, “There’s the primary sponsor, which will stay with you for the entire season, and then we also have another four sponsor slots. They obviously offer short-term goals, long-term goals, bigger cash pots up front with a shorter over period of time or vice-versa. You pick and choose the way you want to handle that cash flow.”

Selecting a power unit

The next decision you will have to make is to choose your team’s power unit. You can choose from Honda, Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault. This will affect how well your engine performs at the start of the game.

We would imagine this will also have an affect on your budget. Choosing a powerful Mercedes powertrain for example may cost more than going for slightly slower Honda. So again, you will have to prioritise where you allocate your F1 2020’s team budget.

Hiring a teammate

Next up, you’ll have the choice of your team mate. You will want to spend a bit of time choosing your team mate as it will be important for them to perform well across the season. We know that you will be able to choose drivers from both the Formula 1 and Formula 2 grid.

When you first start you will probably be limited to a Formula 2 driver as you probably wont have enough budget or reputation to entice an F1 driver to your team straight away.

We then move on to the design part of F1 2020 My Team. You will be able to choose from a selection of car liveries and customise the colour of them. There wont be a full livery editor in F1 2020. We hope this makes its way in to F1 2021 though as it would be a fantastic feature!

You also get to design your team kit and logo to ensure you have a consistent brand across your whole team.

Your car reveal

There will be a car reveal functionality in game. After you have created your team’s branding and livery, there will be an in game cut-scene which reveals your car, just like teams do in pre-season. We’re looking forward to seeing this!

F1 2020 Game Release

Allocating funds and hiring new drivers

As you progress through F1 2020 My Team, you have the ability to allocate funds in different parts of your team. You can choose to spend money developing your HQ so you can improve your car faster. You can look to spend money training your team mate to improve their driving ability.

You can also save money to try to spend big and entice a faster Formula 1 driver as your team mate. You will also need to ensure that your team meets the driver’s required HQ level. Essentially, if your team’s HQ isn’t developed enough, a star driver such as Lewis Hamilton wont want to drive for you.

Lee Mather detailed the ability to hire new drivers by saying, “We also had to be able to dip into the Formula 1 driver market. It just wouldn’t be right to not be able to lust after the greatest drivers on the grid and to want them to join your team.”

When asked about how we can entice faster drivers such as Lewis Hamilton to join our team, Mather referenced Hamilton’s real career and the switch to Mercedes. “He was quite vocal about how he was spending a lot of his time doing sponsor and media events and things such as that when he was at McLaren and then when he moved to Mercedes, he wanted to cut down on that a little bit. That’s one of the elements that the play will have to manage in the game.”

Managing your time throughout the season

Throughout the course of the season, you will make decisions to manage your team, and drivers time. You will be able to send your drivers off to do various events in between races, much like how training works in games such as FIFA.

There will be numerous events you can do during your down time, and allocating this time will affect your budget and rate of development. Lee Mather spoke about this saying, “Maybe there’s an opportunity for a driver to go do something for one of the sponsors and that’s going to bring you in a sponsor bonus or increase the team’s acclaim in a certain way that you will either attract a better sponsor in the future.

“But the downside to that might be if the driver’s there doing that, it could mean that they’re not doing something in the wind tunnel or suspension development or engine development, they’re not giving the team feedback on something else. So it could be detrimental to not only the performance of that department, but the morale of that department.”

Your team can fail and go bust

My Team in F1 2020 is all about management, and the decisions you make as a team principle. If you make some of the wrong decisions, or you aren’t achieving the race results you need, your team can go bust.

You may not be able to afford your driver’s salary, so you have to shut down part of your HQ to free up the funds to keep them. Failing this, if you run out of money to send your team to an F1 weekend, you can go bust completely. Game over.

All in all, we are super excited to experience this game mode! Now that F1 2020 has been given to a wide range of Youtubers and press outlets, we will bring you much more gameplay and details about F1 2020 in the coming weeks.

If you want to learn everything we know so far, read our complete F1 2020 guide.

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