F1 2020 Monaco GP Setup Guide

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F1 2020 Monaco Setup Guide

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Below is our F1 2020 Monaco Setup Guide

The next guide in our F1 2020 setup series is for the Monaco GP. I said in my previous Vietnam setup guide, that the Vietnamese track was a love it or hate it track. Well, Monaco is the definition of that phrase.

In this guide, I’ll run through my favourite car setup for the Monaco circuit in F1 2020. As with all of our other track setup guides, this setup is designed for long distance race runs.

Hopefully this setup will make the track a little easier to drive.

As always, this is a race setup, designed for longer career mode races and league races. It will look after your tyres while making the car extremely drive-able.

Monaco F1 2020 Setup Guide


So jumping straight in to the setup.

You will want to run extremely high downforce around Monaco, but stay away from maxing it out completely. You still require a bit of straight line speed to make sure you aren’t vulnerable in to sainte devote, and the nouvelle chicane.

Set your front aero to 8 and rear to 10.


Keep your diff setup low, with the on throttle diff set to 50% and off throttle set to 60%. This will help with traction, which you’ll require a lot of around Monaco, and the low off-throttle diff will allow your car to rotate through the tighter corners.

Suspension Geometry

As for the suspension geometry, your main goal is to keep your car responsive while maintaining traction throughout the lap.

Do this by running the popular combination of high camber and low toe.

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Go for -2.7, -1.2, 0.06 and 0.26.


For the suspension you will want an overall soft setup. Lower the front to 1, while keeping the rear at 4. This will allow you to tackle the bumps and kerbs with ease, while keeping some responsiveness at the rear.

Set you anti-roll bars to 5 and 9. The softer front will again help with rotating your car through the slower corners, while the rear will help with responsiveness, especially through the fast swimming pool sector.

Set you ride height to 2 and 5. This is about as low as you can get away with due to the bumpy surface.


You should look to run lower brake pressure around Monaco, as there is a tendency to lock you front right through a couple of corners. Run it at around 88%, while keeping the brake bias neutral at 50%.


Finally, keep your front tyre pressures relatively balanced with a slightly lower front left pressure.

Then lower your rear pressures to around 20.7 to give you better tyre life and traction.

Go for 23.0, 22.6, 20.7 and 20.7.

And that will do it for our Monaco race setup this year.

Hopefully it’ll help make this tricky street track more accessible, while still keeping some speed in the car. Consistency really is key to success around Monaco, and this setup is one of the more drive-able setups we have created.

Failing that, try to put in a blistering qualifying lap, and control everyones pace from the front.

Hopefully it works just as well for you. If you fancy watching our hotlap, and setup guide, watch the video below.

See you on track.

Setup Guide Video

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