F1 2020 Mod Released & Available For F1 2019

F1 2020 Season Mod

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Article Updated – 19th March 2020 – JBuron72’s Season Mod 1.02 released

We may be currently waiting for the 2020 Formula 1 season to start, but we can play it virtually with JBuron’s updated 2020 season mod. JBuron72 has been hard at work, and is continuing to support his F1 2020 season mod for the F1 2019 game. This is great news for those who are currently at home, off work or off school.

With the latest 1.02 update, the F1 2020 season mod as a whole has been further expanded. Almost every driver has the correct race suit and driver cap, and there are now 11 up-to-date driver helmets included. There have also been a few updated car liveries. You can see the full updated changelog below.

– Car livery update are posted on Mod Car Changelog for details.
– Added career number for Ferrari and Alpha Tauri [Tororosso]
– Team Suit update:
– All driver suit are updated
– race crew suit (10/10)
– driver caps (18/20)
– Helmets (11/20)
– Added Ocon and replaced Hulkenburg

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Article Updated – 3rd March 2020 – New Update – JBuron72’s 2020 Season Mod 1.01

We wanted to update this article to include links to a new 2020 season mod for F1 2019 game.

This mod has been created by JBuron72 over at RaceDepartment.com and you can download it using the link below.

This F1 2020 mod features more accurate liveries, team uniforms, as well as the correct 2020 team logos in the menus.

Below are the patch notes for version 1.01 which detail what is currently included in the patch, and what is coming in a future patch.

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– Version 1.01


  • See Mod Car Changelog for details
  • Mclaren and Racing Point are the two cars that uses a different chassis.
  • Career number and font will be fix on future updates.


  • All driver suit are updated
  • Race crew suit (9/10) Pitcrew (0/10) Will be added on next update
  • Driver caps (11/20) Will be added on next update
  • Helmets (0/20) Will be added on future updates
  • Pitperch and garage (0/10) Will be added together with track sponsorboards
  • RnD Area ( Alpha Tauri, Haas)
  • Latifis head 3D model replaced Kubica
  • Career Head model replacement for Hulkenburg


  • Updated 2020 Team logo’s on menu
  • Car side view will be added on the next update

You can still follow the instructions in the video at the bottom of this page to install the mod in to your F1 2019 game.

Here are a few images of the updated car liveries. I’m sure you’ll agree these 2020 liveries are absolutely stunning!

Download the F1 2020 mod – JBuron72’s F1 2020 Season Mod.

Original Article with links to Gallus’ season mod is below.

It’s official. The 2020 Formula 1 season is well and truly with us. All cars have been revealed in one way or another, with only Renault yet to reveal their full race livery.

We’ve also had a full winter test session at the Circuit De Catalunya, where Mercedes revealed their revolutionary DAS… Literally re-inventing the wheel. Ferrari have also admitted that they are well and truly behind their competition with their car development, and have some catching up to do.

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Whilst we all sat back and watched the test sessions unfold, the guys over at RaceDepartment have been working away. They’ve put together a full 2020 season mod for the F1 2019 game. This mod overhauls all of the teams liveries and introduces the official 2020 race liveries.

Whilst not every car is 100% accurate, this mod gives gamers a good taste of how the F1 2020 game will look. It also breaths a new lease of life in to F1 2019, which has now been out for 9 months.

You can download this F1 2020 Season Mod over at RaceDepartment now following this link.

All credit to this season mod goes to Gallus for putting it together, with help from KeisariKine, TheSevi, Jorge10delo, DaddeRaga, park6185 and Racing_Legend_420!

Mercedes AMG F1 2020 Livery

This mod introduces an accurate representation of the Mercedes 2020 livery in to F1 2019, and all elements of the updated livery are in place. The main update to this livery is the new introduction of the INEOS branding.

Mercedes F1 2020 Livery ModMercedes F1 2020 Livery Mod

Ferrari F1 2020 Livery

The Ferrari livery hasn’t changed overly much in 2020. However, despite the minimal changes, they have all been replicated in this 2020 livery mod. One note, is that the Mission Winnow logo on the engine cover couldn’t be made larger.

Ferrari F1 2020 Livery Mod

Red Bull Racing 2020 Livery Mod

The 2020 livery for Red Bull is a classic case of spot the difference. This is so similar to the 2019 livery, many wouldn’t notice a difference other than a few small sponsorship changes.

Red Bull F1 2020 Livery Mod

McLaren F1 2020 Livery Mod

McLaren have introduced a new strip of blue across the engine cover and radiators which is replicated in this 2020 livery mod.

McLaren F1 2020 Livery Mod

Renault F1 2020 Livery Mod

Renault are the only team to not introduce an official livery before Winter testing. Despite this, a 2020 livery variant has been created for this 2020 season mod.

Renault F1 2020 Livery Mod

Alternatively, if you would rather install Renault’s all black 2020 test livery, you can do so here.

Renault F1 2020 All Black Test Livery Mod

Alpha Tauri F1 2020 Livery Mod

The former Toro Rosso team has been officially re-branded for 2020 as Alpha Tauri. This car launch was one of the most anticipated of the winter launch schedule, and the livery didn’t disappoint. This livery is a real fan favourite and was voted as the F1 community’s favourite livery in our poll. View the results of our F1 2020 livery poll here.

Alpha Tauri F1 2020 Livery Mod Alpha Tauri F1 2020 Livery Mod

BWT Racing Point 2020 Livery Mod

This is the last year that Racing Point will run a pink livery, as they are set to be re-branded as Aston Martin in 2021. The pink remains the same in this livery, whilst title sponsor BWT take a more prominent roll across the livery.

Racing Point F1 2020 Livery Mod Racing Point F1 2020 Livery Mod

Alfa Romeo 2020 Livery Mod

The Alfa Romeo is a stunning looking car in 2020. It is an evolution of their already good looking 2019 livery, and brings in more red across the body work.

Alfa Romero F1 2020 Livery Mod Alfa Romero F1 2020 Livery Mod

Haas 2020 Livery Mod

Haas famously fell out with their 2019 title sponsor Rich Energy. It is no surprise then that they have returned to their familiar black, white and red colour way from previous seasons.

Haas F1 2020 Livery Mod

Williams 2020 Livery Mod

Williams will be one team who are hoping for much improved form in 2020. They were back-runners for the whole of 2019 and are looking to mingle with the mid field much more this year. This 2020 Williams livery was also a fan favourite in our livery poll, and despite the comparisons to a toothpaste brand, is much improved over their 2019 look.

Williams F1 2020 Livery Mod

How To Install This F1 2020 Season Mod

Installing a mod for F1 2019 is a relatively easy process once you have the hang of it. The first step is to download the mod using the links above. They will take you to RaceDepartment.com where you will be able to download the mod.

Second, you will have to install a piece of software called the Ego ERP Archiver. You can download the ERP Archiver here.

Whilst you are installing the ERP software, you should make a backup of your whole F1 2019 game folder. This is just in case something doesn’t work as expected and you need to restore the original game files.

Once your game files have been backed up, open up the ERP Archiver.

Select File -> Open and select the ERP mod file for the F1 2020 season update. The program will then search for the same resource folder and file names when importing the files in to the game.

Once the mod install has run you should be able to start up F1 2019 from Steam as per normal, and the 2020 liveries should be in place. Unfortunately due to the way that Codemasters programmed F1 2019, the driver names can’t be changed, so Hulkenberg and Kubica will still show as drivers.

Watch this video to see how to install mods in to F1 2019.

Watch This F1 2020 Mod In Action

The below footage shows this mod in action in the F1 2019 game. This footage is of Tiametmarduk playing this mod, racing at the Spanish Grand Prix. This footage is not owned by us and all credit should go to Tiametmarduk. If you like his content, subscribe to his awesome Youtube channel for more videos like this.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.