F1 2020 Gameplay Video Round Up

F1 2020 Gameplay Videos
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It’s official, F1 2020 is out in the wild. Codemasters have sent out a preview build of F1 2020 to a selection of Youtubers allowing them to play the game before everyone else. This means that the internet is quickly becoming full of gameplay videos.

Below we have rounded up a selection of the best gameplay videos from Esports drivers and Youtubers. These F1 2020 gameplay videos include hotlaps from every F1 team, around a wide selection of tracks. There are also videos which include details about the game modes that will be in F1 2020.

F1 2020 Gameplay around 6 tracks

This F1 2020 gameplay video features Aarava driving around 6 F1 tracks, including Hungary, Zandvoort, Italy, Austria, Spain & Bahrain with Sebastian Vettel in the 2020 Ferrari. This shows on board footage from the Ferrari.

F1 2020 Gameplay Showing The Different Engine Sounds

This gameplay video of F1 2020 shows us how each engine sounds differently. This is a direct comparison of the raw engine sounds from all 4 engines of the Mercedes, Honda, Renault and Ferrari power units.

How hard is the handling in F1 2020 video

This video shows TRL Limitless, one of the fastest F1 game drivers, testing the new handling physics in F1 2020. Specifically how hard it is to drive in F1 2020, and if it is any harder or easier than the physics in the previous game.

25 Minutes of exclusive F1 2020 gameplay footage

This video from Game Riot, shows 25 minutes of exclusive gameplay footage, including hot laps around a selection of tracks in a selection of cars. There is also a sneak peak of a race around the new Zandvoort track.

Wet weather gameplay around Austria

This next clip shows Tiametmarduk driving around the Austrian GP circuit in the rain. To add to the excitement, he does so in cockpit view to give a fully immersive, and somewhat terrifying, experience.

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