F1 2020 China GP Setup Guide

F1 2020 China Setup Guide

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Below is our F1 2020 Chinese Setup Guide

China is a fantastically fun circuit to drive. It boasts a selection of medium to high speed corners, with one of the most unusual first corners of any track.

In this guide, I’ll run through our favourite car setup for China in F1 2020. This setup has been designed for long distance races and online league racing, and isn’t designed to be the quickest one lap setup.

The setup is designed to maximise your speed and car stability through the sweeping corners of China.

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The Chinese F1 2020 Setup Guide

So, jumping straight in to the setup.

China is a primarily high speed track, which is very fun to drive. It’s actually one of our favourite tracks on the calendar.

There are a lot of long medium to high speed corners, which require a sticky rear end.


For this reason we will run a higher downforce rear wing, and lower aero on the front at 3 and 6. This will help your car grip through corners and minimise drag on the long straights.

Running the higher rear wing wont compromise your straight line speed too much due to the DRS system. And we have found that the front wing seems to have much more of an impact on drag than the rear in this years game.


We’ll want the on-throttle diff near its lowest setting of at around 60% to maximise traction, and the off-throttle at 65%. Having a more open diff will benefit traction throughout your whole lap and increase consistency through a long race.

Suspension Geometry

We have setup our suspension geometry to primarily give us more speed through the slower to medium speed corners. The camber is set to -2.7 and -1.2. This will provide a more responsive car allowing you to carry more speed through the first and second sectors.

We have left the toe reasonably balanced at 0.08 and 0.32. This gives the best trade off of speed down the straights, and balance throughout the lap.


We try to use our suspension setup to combat some of the excess tyre wear that you will experience on your front left tyre. Setup the suspension soft at 2 and 6.

This will also allow you to attack the kerbs through the middle of the lap. Having a stiffer rear will help with straight line speed and allow the car to stay responsive.

The anti-roll bars are at 5 and 8, with the ride height set to 2 and 3. This will keep rigidity in the rear of the car, and increase your potential top speed.


Because of the heavy braking zones we are running high brake pressure at 95%, and we keep the brake bias reasonably balanced at around 54%.


Finally, we look to keep the tyre pressures from overheating by running slightly lower pressures all round. If you find yourself really struggling with front left tyre wear or excess heat, you can lower your front left pressure down a click or two.

And that will do it for our Chinese F1 2020 car setup.

As always, this is a race setup designed for long distance races, both online and offline. It wont be the fastest time trial setup.

Hopefully it works just as well for you. If you fancy watching our hotlap, and setup guide, watch the video below.

See you on track.

Setup Guide Video

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.