All F1 2020 Car Launches & Liveries Revealed!

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Williams F1 2020 Car Livery Released

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All Formula 1 teams have now launched variations of their 2020 cars. It is an exiting time for Formula 1 fans, as the new season draws ever closer. This week the official winter testing starts and we will see all cars on track for the first time this year.

However before the winter testing, come the car launches. And all teams have unveiled a variation of their challenger for the coming year. It is fair to say that most of the cars we saw will be vastly different when it comes to Australia, as many teams released their 2020 livery on a sample chassis.

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Below we take a look at every car livery we have seen so far.

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Mercedes F1 Car Launch

Mercedes have gone down the route of evolution rather than revolution in 2020, and that is no surprise.

Merecedes F1 2020 Car Launch

Last years 2019 livery was a change on the year previous with the introduction of the branded gradient from the back of the car to the front. This has stayed in 2020, and we are happy to see it again. It is a bold, clean and modern look. The red star has remained in respect of legendary Niki Lauda.

There has been an introduction of a burgendy colour, and this is due to a sponsorship partnership with Chemical company INEOS. This is a break away from the traditional blue and silver colour scheme, but it has been implemented well. It is subtle and works well with the silver colour scheme. This is a livery we will see a lot of as Mercedes is set to run at the front of the grid once again this year.

Ferrari F1 Car Launch

Can you spot the difference between this 2020 Ferrari F1 car and it’s 2019 counterpart? It is hard.

Ferrari F1 2020 Car Launch

There are a few subtle changes such as the integration of the driver number at the rear of the car, however this is more of the same for Ferrari. The matte paint is lovely and the red still seems a little off red. A trend which Ferrari started last year. This is still a solid looking car which we look forward to seeing on track.

Red Bull Racing F1 Car Launch

Again, another F1 car which hasn’t changed very much from last year. This one is almost identical and is no surprise. Red Bull have kept the overall same livery since entering Formula 1 with small tweaks here and there.

Red Bull Racing F1 2020 Car Launch

This dark, matte livery was introduced a few years ago and has stuck around. It is our favourite Red Bull livery from the past ten years, and is much bolder than the pearlescent purple liveries of the Vettel era.

McLaren F1 Car Launch

This McLaren is a stunner. It embraces the orange papaya and blue colour scheme. Gone is the geometric shapes on the engine cover, and instead there is a vibrant blue strip on the engine cover and radiator pods.

McLaren F1 2020 Car Launch

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This is a stunning livery, especially when seen in person as the orange stands out well. One thing to note is that this car is looking a little naked of sponsorship so far. This is a problem that McLaren have suffered since the Honda era, and one that we’re hoping they can fix shortly. Maybe the partnership with Mercedes in 2021 will make them more investable.

However we look forward to seeing this papaya gem on track in 2020, especially due to rising stars Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. McLaren are lucky enough to have two of the best young drivers on the grid, and will be an exciting team to watch this year.

Alpha Tauri F1 Car Launch

This livery is the biggest change from last year. The old Toro Rosso team have morphed in to Alpha Tauri in a bold statement. Alpha Tarui allows this team to sit along side Red Bull rather than as an obvious junior team.

Alpha Tauri F1 2020 Car Launch

The change in team name allowed for a change in branding and car livery. And Alpha Tauri have nailed the design when it comes to both. The logo is fresh and clean, and the livery is probably the best designed on the grid.

It is a shame to see the stunning dark blue livery of 2018 and 2019 gone as that was a stunner. However this white and black car looks equally as good, if not better.

Haas F1 Car Launch

Since the spectacularly public break up between Haas and Rich Energy back in 2019, Haas have reverted their livery back to their classic black, white and red colour scheme.

Haas F1 2020 Car Launch

It is no surprise that Haas would go this way with this years livery, however we aren’t overly fond of how they’ve implemented it on this 2020 F1 car. This livery looks a little dated in our opinion and would be better suited to a generic unbranded racing game.

Haas should look at how Alpha Tauri and Williams have implemented a dual colour white livery. But here’s hoping the American F1 team manage to get back to the form which they showed a couple of seasons ago.

Update 17/02/20 – Haas has made its way on to track and has broken cover!

Alfa Romeo F1 Car Launch

Alfa Romeo have a tendency to launch their car with a testing livery. They did the same last year, and have done it again in 2020. They launched the car on Valentines day with a special black and red Valentines livery, which we love!

Alfa Romeo 2020 Car Launch Revealed

As nice as this all black livery is, we can guarantee it wont appear on the car come Australia. It is a shame, but Alfa Romeo’s official F1 liveries are some of the nicest on the grid, so we wont be too disappointed to see the classic red and white return in 2020.

Now that the official winter testing has started, Alfa have revealed their 2020 challenger, and it looks very similar to last years car. There are a few notable differences, including the new sponsorship with Orlen.

Renault F1 Car Launch

Renault are one of the only teams to not undergo an official launch. Instead they released a selection of digital renders online, and the livery on show is an all black one. We highly doubt this will be the official livery for the whole of the season.

The first time we will see the Renault F1 2020 challenger will be during the first day of the winter testing on February 19th 2020.

Renault F1 2020 Car Launch

Update 18/02/20 – Renault have released a short video of the car doing a few shakedown laps. See below.

Racing Point F1 Car Launch

Racing Point have launched their 2020 car in a spectacular environment. They have a new title sponsor in BWT and are now named BWT Racing Point Formula 1 Team. They have gone with a continuation of the “Pink Panther” theme and have increased the involvement of major sponsor BWT.

Racing Point 2020 Car Launch Livery

It appears that the sposnorship deal with SportPesa has come to an end as their logo cannot be seen anywhere on the car. Instead priority is given to BWT, which features all over the car livery. This livery is less blue than last years, possibily due to the lack of SportPesa.

This year is the last where Racing Point will run a pink livery as next year the team will become Aston Martin F1. Racing Point owner Lawrence Stroll purchased 16.7% of the British manufacturer and will transition his existing F1 team in to Aston Martin.

Before the end of the year, Racing Point will look to improve their constructors result from 2019 where they finished 7th. They will be aiming for best of the rest among the mid pack.

Williams F1 Car Launch

This has to be our favourite 2020 launch livery so far. The new revamped Williams F1 car places more emphasis on the Rokit title sponsor. Rather than an all blue and white livery similar to their 2019 car, this years car sports a blue and red combination.

Williams F1 2020 Car Livery Released

The car itself is a bold new look rather than an evolution of their previous livery and is a welcomed change. The blue/white gradient from 2019 divided fans, with some really liking it and many hating it.

This red and blue livery is a marked improvement over last year, and in our eyes is even better looking than the stunning Alpha Tauri. Fingers crossed Williams have managed to design their car to be a slightly better challenger this year. We’re hoping they get back on form.

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