F1 2020 Beta Registration Open! How To Sign Up Today

F1 2020 Beta How To Sign Up

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If you were anything like us, you were super excited to see the announcement trailer for the upcoming F1 2020 game last week. For the first time ever in a Codemasters F1 game, we will be able to create our own team. This will give us full customisation of the car itself, choice of which power-train we want, which drivers to hire and more!

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There is only one caveat. We have to wait until July 10th to get our hands on the game, and start enjoying F1 2020. But there is a way where you can play F1 2020 early!

Codemasters have just announced they are running a closed beta program for this years F1 2020 game. And everybody can sign up for it. Just because everyone can register, it doesn’t mean everyone will get to participate. Unfortunately we don’t know the criteria for who Codemasters ultimately choose to participate, it may just be luck of the draw. However you can maximise your chances by signing up for the F1 2020 beta as early as you can.

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How To Sign Up For The F1 2020 Beta

Sign ups for the F1 2020 beta are limited to Codemasters forum members only, and this is the only way you can submit your application. It is very easy to create a Codemasters forum account, and you should do so if you are looking to participate in the F1 2020 beta.

  1. Sign up / sign in to your Codemasters forum account. Do this by heading over to forums.codemasters.com
  2. Click in to your profile page. Do this by clicking on your username in the top right of the screen, and selecting “Profile” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Next, click the “Edit Profile” button which is situated on the right hand side, next to your cover photo button.
  4. In the popup that opens to edit your profile, scroll down to just below your social media info. Here you will find the F1 2020 beta sign up form.
  5. Tick the box, that says you would like to participate in the F1 2020 beta, and continue to fill out all of the questions below.
  6. Once all questions have been accurately filled in (ensuring your gamertag is correct) make sure you tick the compliance boxes at the bottom of the form.
  7. Then finally click the “Save” button to complete your beta sign up.

Once you have completed the steps above, you will have to wait until the beta submissions close, and see if you get invited to the closed beta.

When Does The Beta Sign Up Period Close?

The sign up period for the F1 2020 closed beta closes on the 6th May at 23:59 BST.

If you are looking to participate in the F1 2020 beta, ensure you have filled out all of the steps above to sign up for the closed beta. Codemasters will then start sending out invites to participate in the beta program shortly after the 6th May.

We recommend signing up now if you want to participate, to ensure you get your application in early!

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.