F1 2019 vs F1 2020 Gameplay Side By Side – McLaren at Barcelona

F1 2019 vs F1 2020 Gameplay Comparison
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Watch side-by-side gameplay footage of F1 2019 vs F1 2020. This gameplay shows Carlos Sainz in his McLaren driving around a re-modelled Barcelona track.

In celebration of what should be the Spanish Grand Prix weekend, Codemasters have released some more F1 2020 Gameplay footage.

This gameplay footage showcases a 2020 McLaren driving around the Spanish GP circuit in F1 2020. It is great to see new gameplay footage, and it is great to see the updated Spanish GP circuit for F1 2020.

That’s right, Codemasters have re-modelled the whole final sector of the Spanish circuit. As you will be able to see in this F1 2019 vs F1 2020 gameplay footage, the final sector in the F1 2020 gameplay footage is much different to the final sector we are use to.

The main difference comes in the width of the circuit and reworked elevation changes. When real F1 drivers raced around Catalunya in the F1 2019 game, they all complained how different the final sector was to real life. In F1 2019, the final sector was much skinnier than in real life, making it awkward and slower to drive in game.

F1 2019 vs F1 2020 Gameplay Footage

Below is the footage of both games side-by-side. The graphics and physics in the F1 2020 gameplay footage both look very similar to F1 2019, however keep an eye on the final sector in the side-by-side gameplay footage. In the left hand side you can clearly see the new and improved final sector.

This F1 2019 vs F1 2020 gameplay footage has been created by Soap – Sim Racer, and all credit to this footage goes to them. Check them out on Youtube.

If you want to read about everything we know about the upcoming F1 2020 video game, check out our in-depth post showing everything we know so far. Read more – Everything we know about F1 2020.

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