Daniel Ricciardo 2020 Helmet Wallpaper iPhone

Daniel Ricciardo F1 2020 Helmet iPhone Wallpaper download
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Daniel Ricciardo is one of the most popular drivers on the Formula 1 grid, and has become known for crazy helmet designs over the past couple of years. And 2020 is no different.

Last year Dany Ricciardo sported a fetching pink, green and blue helmet which went down a treat with fans of the honey badger. This year, 2020, Ricciardo has completely changed his helmet design for this out there design featuring the slogan “Become Unstuck”.

Many fans may want to rock a tribute to the popular Aussie driver, but getting hold of the design to set as a phone wallpaper has been hard. Until now.

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We’ve recreated Ricciardo’s 2020 helmet design, and sized it up for iPhones, allowing you guys to show your support for Dany Ric everywhere you go.

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