Codemasters Announce ALL 22 Tracks Will Be in F1 2020 Game

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We may still be waiting for the real Formula 1 series to begin, with the first few races all being cancelled or postponed. However this hasn’t stopped fans asking about the upcoming F1 2020 game. With so much still unknown, gamers are asking whether we will even see an F1 2020 game, and what content it will include.

However Codemasters have broken their silence to confirm a few things about the upcoming F1 2020 game. Not too much was initially confirmed other than that all 22 races will be included in the new F1 game.

Codemasters F1 franchise director Paul Jean revealed the following in an interview with RaceFans,

“We’re still going to go with all 22 circuits which were originally part of the calendar”.

Paul Jean went on to say, “The most prudent thing to do is obviously just to see whether the impact of this is going to do anything. Some of the teams, for example, [are] going on their shutdown period now rather than what they would have done in August. It’s just a few little bits of that which you’ve got to factor into your planning, which wasn’t there originally. Hopefully it’s not too much longer before we before we make the announcement.”

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This puts some gamers minds at rest, as it is all but confirmed that a new F1 2020 game is in the works and on its way. Paul Jean confirmed that an announcement was coming shortly.

Also, with the confirmation of all 22 tracks, we know that even though we may not see the new tracks of Hanoi and Zandvoort in the flesh for a while, gamers will definitely have the opportunity to race them in F1 2020. This will almost certainly come before real Formula 1 drivers get to drive the tracks in real life.

Will We See New Features In F1 2020 Game?

Last year Codemasters added a few new features to the F1 2019 game, all of which were very well received by F1 fans. New to F1 2019 were driver transfers, allowing career mode seasons to have a little more variety as the player progressed through each year. Any of the real drivers in the game could swap teams throughout each season and at the end of each season. This feature has been long requested by fans and was a great addition to the game franchise. Although it led to some crazy scenarios such as Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton pairing up to drive for Williams!

Another new addition for F1 2019 was the inclusion of the complete Formula 2 grid. Initially the game launched with all of the Formula 2 teams and drivers from the 2018 season included. And later the game was updated to also include all of the 2019 F2 cars and drivers. This new feature made its way into the main career mode by putting you in an F2 car before progressing through to F1.

We do hope that there are a few new additions to the upcoming F1 2020 game also. Features such as VR compatibility, more customisation and more historic cars and tracks are a few of the most requested features.

We detail everything we currently know about the F1 2020 game in a detailed article here.

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