How To Start League Racing In F1 2019

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F1 2019 League Racing How To Setup

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So you have raced a couple of full seasons in career mode, posted a bunch of time trial hot laps and want to get started in multiplayer racing? Perfect. League racing is the next natural progression for you, and we’re going to help you get started with this quick start guide to league racing in F1 2019.

What Is League Racing In F1 2019?

Leagues in F1 2019 are an area of multiplayer within F1 2019 where you can compete with up to 19 other drivers across the course of a championship season. When joining a league you will be joining these other drivers and will race multiple races against them. Over the course of a championship you will gain points for finishing in the top 10 positions, just like in a regular F1 race.

F1 2019 Game Wet Racing

Think of it a little bit like a clan, or a guild within other games. You will get to know the other participants, and should enjoy racing against them throughout the course of the league championship.

For years, multiplayer gamers have manually tracked leagues by doing one race at a time, and manually keeping track of results. Leagues in F1 2019 make that a thing of the past.

In F1 2019, the game does a lot of the heavy lifting for you. It will keep track of race results, and track championship points.

So How Do I Get Started With League Racing?

To get started league racing in F1 2019 you will first need to find and join an online league.

You can start by searching for a league using the in-built functionality within F1 2019. There are numerous leagues around the world which are open to the public to join. So it is just up to you to find the one that you like the sound of.

F1 2019 League Racing How To Setup

Joining An Existing League

There is a dedicated “Find League” section within F1 2019’s multiplayer menus, and it is here we will start our search.

You will find a selection of leagues which are recommended to you, which you can simply join right away. These will generally be recommended to you based on your geographical location, ensuring you’re racing with people in a similar time zone to yourself.

Alternatively you can use the in-built advanced search functionality to specifically search for a particular league, or filter the list of leagues to your specific requirements. If you know the league you are wanting to join, simply search for it by name. If you don’t, but you’d like to find a league which races with no assists, or at a certain time of day you can use the filters available to you.

This way you can find a league which races every evening at 7pm GMT, with no assists, and 25% race distance for example.

When you filter the list of leagues with the advance search you will be shown every league which meets your requirements. From here you can see the full list of drivers, the full calendar and race schedule along with all other options such as assists and race settings. Once you find a league you like, simply click to join it, and ensure you show up at the next race!

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Finding A League Online

If you are looking to join a league with a well established community, maybe with an online forum or Discord group you can always look online.

There are plenty of ways to find a league online with a community. Simply search on websites such as Reddit, or established league racing communities such as Apex Online Racing. There are a wide selection of leagues online, ranging from professional racing leagues to casual, assists on leagues. When joining a new league, try to read and conform to the league rules. You wont last very long if you jump in and start dive-bombing everyone or don’t show up to races!

How To Create Your Own League In F1 2019

If you can’t find a league which suits your style, or if you have a group of friends that you wish to play with you can create your own league. When you do choose to create your own league you should try to ensure you have a good infrastructure from day one. There is a lot to think about when organising your own league so ensuring you’re not in it alone will help you massively.

To start with, the first decisions you’ll have to make are the name and league logo. You know, the important bits!

F1 2019 League Racing How To Setup

Following on from this there is a lot to think about. You will need to ensure you set the geographical location of your league and the overall league pattern and structure.

Set Your Race Schedule

Next up you’ll have to set your race schedule. Here is the point where you should decide how many races you’re going to host each week, and at what time. There are two ways you can setup your league schedule depending on how you want the league to progress.

You can opt for a scheduled format, where you set a specific time and date. This will require all participants to show up at said time otherwise to take part. If you are one for structure this is a great option. This will also help with live streaming and communication with those who like to watch your league races.

Alternatively you can opt for an on-demand format. This means that you can initiate a race at any point. All you need to start a league race is at least 2 participants (including yourself) and a league admin. If you have a pretty unpredictable schedule this option may be for you. You can then communicate via online platforms such as Discord to arrange different times for your league races.

F1 2019 League Racing How To Setup

Choose Your League Format

After you have set your schedule it’s time to move on to the league format. You have the option to choose your full track list, which can be in whatever order you fancy and doesn’t need to mirror a regular season. Choose the tracks which you want to race on and in which order. As long as you have a minimum of 5 races in a league season you will be good to go. You can go up to a maximum season length of 25 if you prefer to have a long season.

Also here is where you set your race settings and assist levels which are allowed. You can opt for strict setups such as 100% races with no assists allowed. If you want to discourage lower level drivers from joining you can setup a hardcore no assists league.

Or you can set it up a little more casual, with assists allowed and shorter race and qualifying. This is totally up to you and your participants, and will dictate the style of league you’re creating.

Finally you can choose whether you want the league to be public or private, and how new participants can join.

What If Certain Drivers Can’t Make Races?

If certain drivers can’t make a certain race it isn’t the end of the world. In F1 2019, Codemasters included the ability for AI drivers to step in for a missing gamer. This will ensure you’re always racing with a full grid of cars.

F1 2019 League Racing How To Setup

So there is a quick start guide to league racing within F1 2019.

With this information you should be able to join an existing league or create your own league. If you are creating your own league, try to do so with a couple of other like minded gamers. This way you will have a selection of admins helping take the burden of managing a league.

Why not go one step further and create an online community on platforms such as Discord. Or you could even create your own website to highlight league results and highlights. Why not even live-stream your new league on Youtube or Twitch. This will allow others watch and get invested in your league without participating.

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