F1 2019 Patch 1.22 Notes

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F1 2019 Patch 1.22 Notes: Latest Update Allows Us To See Speed Trap Data

It is great to see that Codemasters are still releasing patches for F1 2019, well in to it’s life cycle At this stage in 2019’s life the developers will almost exclusively be focusing on the next game which will be coming out in the next few months. The latest update, which is patch 1.22, fixes a selection of small bugs throughout, and makes a few improvements.

One of the main improvements included in patch 1.22 is that you will now see your speed which you have set in the speed trap during practice sessions. This is a handy addition the the F1 2019 game, as you will now be able to see where you are in comparison to other drivers. You will be able to see whether you can afford to take a little straight line speed out of the car in favor of increased downforce or vice versa.

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F1 2019 Update 1.22 Patch Analysed

Below are the official patch notes released by Codemasters. They detail every improvement and update that has been made to F1 2019, and how that update affects the game.


  • Radio language option has returned to the advanced audio options screen
  • Users will now see the speed they set in the speedtrap in practice sessions
  • Addressed an issue where the camera would reset when the game was started
  • User is now notified of their progress through a championship on the loading screen
  • User can now see if they are serving a penalty during a pitstop
  • Front wing damage threshold has been reduced in practice and qualifying sessions to include minor physical damage
  • Addressed an issue where the safety car could appear in One-Shot Qualifying in online sessions


  • Addressed an issue where users could not submit results if they didn’t enter qualifying 2 or 3 with saving between sessions enabled
  • Fixed an issue where a scheduled league could become stuck in an old event
  • Addressed an issue where a league could become stuck if abandoning a practice or qualifying session with saving between sessions enabled


  • Maximum Vehicle Reflections setting reduced from ‘Ultra High’ to ‘High’ for stability

Source: Codemasters

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Patch 1.22 Out Now?

Yes, patch 1.22 is live across all platforms and you can download it right now.

What Does Patch 1.22 Fix?

Patch 1.22 includes a few small bug fixes in single player and league modes, as well as adding access to your speed in speed traps during practice sessions.

Do you have the full patch 1.22 patch notes?

Read our article to see all of the official patch 1.22 notes from Codemasters

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