F1 2019 Canadian GP Setup Guide

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F1 2019 Canada Track & Setup Guide

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Below is our Canadian Setup Guide for F1 2019

If you are looking for our Canadian setup guide for F1 2020, you can find it here.

The Canadian F1 track is very free flowing, with plenty of chicane sections. Braking is absolutely key when trying to extract a good lap time out of this F1 circuit. As well as this, you need to ensure you don’t carry too much speed in to each corner as corner exit speed is crucial. Most corners exit on to a point and squirt straight, meaning you’ll lose a tonne of time if you over cook the entry.

A good lap time around the Canadian F1 track is anything under 1 minute 10. This setup guide was designed for those driving with all assists off, and helped us achieve a lap time of 1:09:569 in Time Trial mode. Watch our hotlap video here.

The Canadian F1 Setup

Click on the images below to view the setup we are using. View the full setup we are using in text format here.


Setting up an F1 car for the Canadian Grand Prix circuit is a tricky balance between high end grip and straight line speed. Because of this we have gone for a balanced aerodynamic setup biased towards straight line. Any more wing and you would lose a lot of speed down the straight.

Set the front wing to 4 and the rear wing to 4.


Acceleration out of the chicanes is often done whilst turning to some degree. Because of this a locked differential would cause a lot more difficulty applying the power as your tyres would spin up quicker.

To aid off corner acceleration we have open the differential a lot, which should allow you to accelerate harder earlier. Due to the speed at which you will be going around corners we want to favour a more locked off-throttle differential setup.

Set the on-throttle differential to 60%, and the off-throttle differential to 82%.

Suspension Geometry

As with our Australian setup, which has a lot of similar speed corners, we have gone aggressive with the suspension geometry. This setup will mean your tyres will heat up a little more as there is a wider contact patch, but will provide much more grip through and out of the corners.

Set the Front Camber to -2.50°, Rear Camber to -1.00°, Front Toe to 0.05° and Rear Toe to 0.20°.


A quick lap time around the Canadian F1 track is ultimately down to aggressive use of the kerbs. Most corners require you to almost fully mount the kerbs which means we need a soft suspension setup. Setting the suspension to its almost softest settings allow you to attack each corner as hard as you can. The only thing stopping you attacking each corner harder are the track limits.

With all of this in mind set the Front and Rear Suspension to 2, the Front Anti-Roll Bar to 7, the Rear Anti-Roll Bar to 5, Front Ride Height to 3 and Rear Ride Height to 4.


Having brake pressure reasonably high is beneficial at Canada as most braking zones are heavy and straight. This, combined with the average brake bias should provide maximum deceleration.

Set the Brake Pressure to 87%, and the Brake Bias to 55%.


Having a slightly lower tyre pressure at the rear should help grip as you exit the chicanes and stop the car from losing traction. You may find overheating issues during a race which will need management, however this is a maximum grip car setup for speed.

Set the Front Tyre Pressure to 23.4, and the Rear Tyre Pressure to 21.5.

How To Drive The Circuit

Turn 1 & 2

Going in to turn 1 you want to ensure you are braking straight, braking down to 3rd gear as you hit the apex of the corner. You can carry a lot more speed than you would first have thought in to turn 1, whilst trail braking in to the apex.

Once you get past the apex, have a quick squirt on the throttle, although not full throttle otherwise you risk losing the rear of the car. Drop down to 2nd gear as you approach the second corner. Try to keep the minimum speed up, not slowing down too much as you hold the line fairly tight through this long second turn.

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    Be careful on the throttle through the end of turn 2 as too much throttle here will cause a spin. Short shift if you need to get a little more grip or if you’re finding accelerating tricky. Then accelerate hard towards the next sweeping corner.

    Turn 3, 4 & 5

    Watch for the 100m board as you approach turn 3, and brake just as you pass it at around 80m. Flip down to 4th gear for this chicane, and aim to take as much kerb as you can get away with on the entry. Do not touch the grass on entry as this will invalidate your lap time.

    Quickly turn to the left on exit and put your left wheel on to the grass during the apex of turn 4 to minimise the corner angle. You should be on almost full throttle as you pass through the apex of turn 4. Push the limits of the track here as you drift right out towards the wall on exit.

    Accelerate hard through the long turn 5 as this is essentially flat out the whole way round. Cut as close to the inside wall as you dare.

    Turn 6 & 7

    Brake as soon as the car is straight and when you hit the black digital flag to the right of your screen. Drop down to 4th gear approaching the corner, then as you approach the apex drop to 3rd for maximum turn in. Try not to lock your front left here as you will drift wide and compromise your exit of turn 7.

    Take a lot of kerb as you pass through turn 6 and straighten the car as quickly as you can. You then want to be on the power as soon as you leave turn 6, at about half throttle. Feather the throttle as you pass through turn 7, progressing to full throttle as soon as you’re confident the car is sticking.

    Turn 8 & 9

    Turn 8 is probably the trickiest chicane section other than the final corners. Brake as soon as you hit the shadow cast by the bridge, dropping down to 4th gear. Getting the correct turn in angle is key as you can oh so easily drift out wide and invalidate your lap as you pass over the kerb of turn 9.

    To avoid this you want to turn in quite early, whilst still applying a little braking. You can then ride the orange kerb of turn 9 whilst accelerating up the gears. Again, short shift if you feel the car is struggling to stick at the rear.

    The key here is to get on the power early. The sooner you start accelerating the quicker you will be down the straight towards the hairpin. If you get a really good exit the hairpin is one of the best overtaking spots on this Canadian F1 track.

    Turn 10 & 11

    When approaching turn 10, use the tarmac colouring to dictate your braking point. As soon as the tarmac changes colour hit the brakes. Shift down to 2nd gear, then 1st gear as you round the apex. Try to get back up and in to 2nd gear early, only using 1st gear to turn the car.

    Feather the throttle as you exit and short shift to get the best traction. You can run over the track on turn 11 to get on the power as early as possible. Then accelerate hard and prepare yourself for turn 13. Turn 12 is only a slight kink in the back straight so keep accelerating hard.

    Turn 13 & 14

    Prepare yourself for turn 13 as you can easily ruin your entire lap in this one chicane. You need to spot your braking point perfectly. There aren’t any distance markers here so look for the black digital flag on the left of the screen, and brake as late as you can just past this.

    Shift down to 4th gear and turn in. Use as much kerb as you can get away with. If you are too greedy here you will invalidate your lap time, so ensure your only cutting a little part of the corner.

    Once you are through the apex of 13 you want to be on the power immediately to get the best run to the line. If you get turn 13 right, turn 14 will flow easily. Drift out wide and use as much track as you can without touching the Wall of Champions.

    Hit DRS and run straight to the line to complete a full hot lap of Canada.

    And that is a turn by turn guide of the Canadian Grand Prix circuit in F1 2019. Watch our hotlap video below, showcasing everything discussed above.


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