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We’re looking for passionate sim racers, writers, setup creators and content creators to join our team and help improve Sim Racing Setups.

We are looking for content creators who love sim racing to contribute content to Sim Racing Setups to help the community. If you have a good knowledge of a specific part of sim racing, be it Assetto Corsa Competizione cars, sim racing techniques, how-to guides, or more, you can write valuable content and guides to be featured on our site.

Also, if you own a range of sim racing products and would love to provide reviews for them, you can write review articles for any of the sim racing products that you currently own or use. We would work with you to set you up as an official contributor to our website and feature your reviews and content on our website.

What content can I contribute?

We would work with you to ensure the content your writing is relevant and gets featured on Sim Racing Setups. The content would need to be relevant to sim racing and the titles we often cover on However, it could vary from written guides about specific elements of racing titles, from car setups, to liveries or how-to guides. Below are a couple of examples of content type that we’d be happy to work with you on.

ACC Suspension Setup

Setup guides

If you know your way around a specific car in any title from the F1 games to ACC, you could write detailed setup guides. These could be about specific cars or detailed how-to guides.

ACC Mercedes-AMG GT3

Driving tutorials

Fancy yourself as a driver coach? You could write content designed on how to get the best performance from specific cars. Write tutorials on cars or tracks or different driving techniques.

Logitech Pro Racing Wheel Announced

Product reviews

If you own any sim racing products and want to share your thoughts and feedback, you could write sim racing product reviews. Share your opinions about specific products with the community.

Get in touch

If you fancy becoming a regular contributor and writer for, please fill out the form below. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we will be in touch to discuss the first steps for you becoming a regular contributor for

What to send in the form above

In the form above, please let us know a little bit about yourself. Tell us about your experience in creating content and writing, and please feel free to supply a few links to previously written content if you have any.

Also, let us know about how you got into sim racing, what sim racing equipment you currently own, and what type of content you would like to create or write about.

Please do not send your entire written post in the form above. We would love to hear your proposal for content, but we will be in touch to discuss this.

Guest post proposal

If you are looking to supply just a single guest post for our blog, please give us a summary of the content and your outline proposal only. If we like the style of your writing and your content idea we will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

Create and sell car setups

If you are a dab hand at creating car setups in the F1 games, Assetto Corsa Competizione or iRacing, you can sell your setups on Sim Racing Setups. If you would like to sell your car setups via our website, please let us know which title you currently create car setups for.

Use the form above and let us know the above info along with any links to videos or setups in the text box. If you have a link to an example car setup, or a video of a hot lap, we would love to see it.