Best Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2021

Article updated November 26, 2021
Fanatec has revealed their Black Friday deals for 2021. See all deals and discounts below!

Update – As well as the deals and discounts below, Fanatec have also announced the brand new PlayStation 5 compatible direct drive wheel, the Gran Turismo DD Pro. Pre-orders start this Friday.

Read all about the brand new Fanatec GT DD Pro racing wheel here, including price, how to buy and details.

Fanatec Black Friday 2021 Deals

Below are all of the official Fanatec Black Friday deals for 2021. There are a limited amount of stock available for the items below, and the discounts will be in place until all stock is gone or until Nov 30th at 9:00 AM CET

CSL Steering Wheel P1 V2 Black Friday Edition

CSL Steering Wheel R300

CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit

CSL Pedals Tuning Kit

  • €99.95 (€119.95)

  • €199.95 (€299.90)

  • €119.95 (€139.95)

  • €34.95 (New Product)

Racing Wheel Deals

Sim Racing Pedal Deals

Will Fanatec Have a Black Friday Sale 2021?

Fanatec has announced their Black Friday deals for 2021 on Monday 15th November 2021. This is much earlier than previous year’s announcements. They have announced fewer discounts than last year’s sale, but some of the items included are extremely popular ones.

Fanatec’s deals included a new product along with a reworked steering wheel and a couple of other popular products.

All of the discounts expire on the 30th November at 9:00 AM CET. And some, including the P1 V2 Black Friday Edition, only have limited stock levels. So be quick if you fancy any of these products!

Last year, Fanatec also had a sales event over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Last year’s event included a variety of products at a 20% discount. Fanatec only released a limited amount of units to be discounted, meaning once they sold out the deals were gone, much like this year’s Black Friday sale.

Last year’s deals included the now-discontinued CSL Wheel Base and a few other items.

Where Can I hear About The Fanatec Black Friday Sale First?

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If you want more detailed information about the 2021 Fanatec Black Friday sale, read our more in-depth guide on which products are discounted and by how much. Find out more about the  Fanatec Black Friday sale and what is included here.

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