Fanatec Black Friday Deals 2022

Article updated November 28, 2022
Fanatec Black Friday deals are now live. View all deals and links below!

All Fanatec 2022 Black Friday Deals

Here are all of the Fanatec Black Friday 2022 deals. These deals are now active and run until Cyber Monday, or until stocks last. Deals include discounts of up to $/€300 and include popular products including the Fanatec Podium DD2 wheel base.

Watch our Fanatec Black Friday deals video

If you fancy viewing a video detailing all of the Fanatec Black Friday deals, watch our Fanatec Black Friday roundup video below. In this video, we run through all of Fanatec’s deals across Black Friday weekend in a quick roundup video.

When do the Fanatec Black Friday deals go live?

So far, Fanatec has announced that the sale will start on Friday 25th November 2022. They haven’t specifically announced an exact time that the deals will go live.

However, they do have a countdown timer on their website, which will run to zero at midnight on the 24th of November. This indicates that all deals will go live at the very beginning of Friday 25th.

In previous years, the deals have gone live at noon, but this year, it seems that deals will start at midnight making them available for the entirety of Friday.

Will there be any downtime on the website?

There will more than likely be some downtime of the website around midnight when all deals go live. There will need to be a period where the website is updated to reflect the deals, and this may cause a little downtime.

In previous years, demand for certain products and user numbers has also taken down the website, and caused some outages.

If this is to happen this year, we would expect it to be in the early hours of the morning, shortly after deals go live. This will likely be when those who are most wanting to bag a discounted sim racing product will try to go online and purchase a product.

Hopefully, this year there won’t be too many moments of downtime, but with any sale, it is very hard to predict user numbers for a website. So we would say to prepare yourself for some small outages. If there are any, we would expect them to only last a short while.

Are there any new product announcements?

There haven’t been any new product announcements as part of the sale. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any to come. In previous years, there have been new colourways of various products announced. While there hasn’t been any indication that this will happen this year, there could still be a surprise announcement.

Last year, Fanatec announced the GT DD Pro racing wheel with a variety of bundles that included steering wheels, the GT DD Pro wheel base, and a set of pedals. This bundle became one of the best sellers throughout the sale event and the rest of the year.

Fanatec has announced that they will be running an anniversary sale, although details remain vague. This sale will include a variety of older products that are coming to the end of their life and could include a variety of legacy products that have previously been discontinued or out of stock.

More details of the anniversary sale will follow soon.

How big are the discounts?

The discounts this year are rather large. You can save a whopping €/$300 off of the most powerful wheel base Fanatec has ever produced, the DD2. This discount allows you to pick up the Podium DD2 wheel base for the same price as the less-powerful Podium DD1 normally retails at.

There are also discounts of up to €/$200 across the ClubSport V3 pedal range. Both the ClubSport V3 and V3 Inverted pedals are discounted by a significant amount. These are the most premium pedals that the company produces.

Some other products including all steering wheels that are in stock will receive a discount of 10%. This can be significant, especially on more premium steering wheels such as the Porsche 911 GT3 steering wheels.

New bundles

While the 10% discount across steering wheels doesn’t stack with other discounts, Fanatec has created a new series of bundles that receive bigger discounts.

These new bundles include a couple of steering wheels bundled together, sometimes with hub modules included. For all of these bundles, you will be able to get 20% off of the original price for all components.

A few examples of these bundles include the rally and formula bundle. This includes both the WRC steering wheel and the Formula V2.5X steering wheel, and it also includes the QR1 quick release and the Podium Advanced Paddle Module.

This is slightly different for one bundle, however. The triple wheel bundle includes three steering wheels instead of two along with a QR1 quick release and a Podium Advanced Paddle Module. And this bundle has 30% off.

How do I buy the bundles with the discount included?

Currently, these new bundles don’t exist on the website. We would imagine that they would appear as bundle items on the webshop once all deals go live.

It would be highly unlikely that you will need to add each item to your basket individually for the deal to activate. We will update this section once we know exactly how bundles can be purchased.

Is it worth buying products during this sale?

Deciding whether to spend money on discounted products during Black Friday is a tricky decision. You certainly shouldn’t buy products just because they are discounted. However, if you are in the market for a new racing wheel or sim racing product, and have been waiting for a little while, then this is a great time to save a little money.

Fanatec rarely run sale events or discount their products. So if you are already considering upgrading your sim racing setup with one of their products, buying now would allow you to save a little bit of money.

Generally, Fanatec products are their cheapest during Black Friday because the German sim racing brand rarely run sales throughout the rest of the year.

Where can I see all discounts?

The best place to see all of the discounts Fanatec is offering is right here. We have listed every single item that is for sale across this period above. If any new products are further discounted or added to the sale, we will update the list above as soon as possible.

Check back here regularly to see if any new sim racing products are added or if any discounts have changed. We will try to keep this list updated with stock levels, as we are sure that some products will sell out rather quickly.

How much stock is available throughout the sale?

Fanatec normally reduces the price of just a set number of stock. This limits how many of each sim racing product can be purchased at a discounted price. We expect this to be the same through this year’s sale event.

While the sale starts on Friday 25th November and runs until the end of Monday 28th November, we can foresee a few of the products becoming sold out before the end of Monday.

You certainly shouldn’t purchase any sim racing product just because it’s discounted. But if you do fancy any of the sim racing products on offer, it would be wise to purchase them early rather than later. If you leave it until later in the weekend, there is the risk that it would become sold out.

In past years, Fanatec has included a stock counter on each product page. This is a great way to quickly see the stock levels remaining for each sim racing product.

You will then be able to judge the timing of any potential purchase based on the levels of stock remaining.

Podium Racing Wheel F1 Price Reduction Continues

Fanatec has recently revealed a large price reduction for the Podium Racing Wheel F1. While this isn’t officially a part of Fanatec’s Black Friday, the reduced price will continue. So you can still pick up the Podium Racing Wheel F1 at a reduced price, although stock levels are low and it is now sold out in a few regions.

In case you missed it, Fanatec reduced the price of the Podium F1 wheel by a whopping 29%. This results in a massive saving of €/$500 off of the original price.

Use the links below to buy the Podium F1 Racing Wheel from Fanatec directly. The Podium F1 wheel is now sold out in Europe, however, there is still stock in the USA.

For more information on the price reduction, read our article here.

Original article below. This original article was written before any Fanatec Black Friday deals were announced, and may be outdated now.

When will the Fanatec Black Friday 2022 sales be announced?

Last year, Fanatec announced their Black Friday deals around mid-November. And the year before, they announced their sale items much closer to Black Friday. We would expect to see some sale items being announced around mid-late November.

Last year’s sale saw a variety of steering wheel and pedals discounted. Previous years had big products such as the Fanatec CSL DD at a discounted price along with a discount across a wide range of products.

Where Can I hear About The Fanatec Black Friday Sale First?

If you want to stay updated on all the best Black Friday deals, keep checking back on this page. We will show any new deals if they get announced between now and Black Friday.

This is our hub for all things Fanatec Black Friday. As soon as we get any updated news about a potential discounted product, we will update this page.

If you want more detailed information about the 2022 Fanatec Black Friday sale, read our more in-depth guide on which products are discounted and by how much. Find out more about the  Fanatec Black Friday sale and what is included here.

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What Fanatec products could be discounted in the sale?

Based on previous years’ Black Friday events, we can make some assumptions about which products Fanatec might discount.

2020 saw a wide range of discounts including some popular items such as wheel bases. In 2021, Fanatec discounted fewer products due to pandemic-related part shortages. Last year’s Black Friday event saw discounts on some steering wheels and pedals.

We can assume that due to the ongoing chip shortages in 2022, the most popular Fanatec products won’t be discounted in any 2022 Black Friday sale.

Instead, we would expect to see some other products discounted, such as steering wheels, cockpits, and accessories.

Steering wheel discounts

Fanatec has a large lineup of steering wheels, with many being in stock regularly. In recent months, Fanatec also released a few upgraded steering wheels including V2 wheels of the popular Esports F1 wheel.

We can assume that there will be discounts for older steering wheels to allow Fanatec to clear some older stock. We may even see some of the newer V2 steering wheels receive a Black Friday discount.

Wheel base discounts

I highly doubt due to stock shortages that any of the most popular wheel bases will be discounted in this year’s Black Friday event.

However, Fanatec has announced a non-Black Friday related discount for the Podium Racing Wheel F1 bundle. This reduction in price may still be in place over Black Friday but is already in place now.

This has seen a huge $500 slashed from the price of this bundle. Read more about this price reduction here.

Cockpit discounts

It is rumored that Fanatec is planning on releasing a new cockpit in 2022 or 2023. Currently, they have a single cockpit, the RennSport V2.

If a new cockpit is on the way, it would be a safe bet to assume that the current RennSport V2 cockpit could see a discount for Black Friday.

The Fanatec RennSport V2 cockpit costs $999 at full price. This puts it towards the more premium end of sim racing cockpits. A Black Friday discount could lower this price to make it a much more attractive proposition for sim racers.

Pedal discounts

Much like the upgraded steering wheels, Fanatec also upgraded the CSL Elite pedals in 2022. We could see a nice discount on a range of Fanatec pedals through Black Friday, much like last year.

Will the Fanatec CSL DD or GT DD Pro be discounted in Black Friday?

It is a pretty safe bet to assume that neither the Fanatec CSL DD or GT DD Pro wheel bases will be discounted in Black Friday in 2022.

Fanatec has had a range of supply issues with these wheel bases with demand outstripping supply. This has made both of these entry-level direct drive wheel bases very hard to purchase in 2022.

On November 8th 2022, Fanatec released an official statement saying that the CSL DD wheel base will definitely not be available in stock in 2022 due to component shortages.

The statement reads;

Wheel Base production – many of you have noticed we have been ‘sold out’ of some of our wheel bases for some time. The demand has been very high, and our production has been stalled by component shortages. We will continue to work hard to address this bottleneck, but the effect of the semiconductor crisis continues to be felt across the industry, and I can confirm that the CSL DD will not be available again until Q1 2023.

This statement almost guarantees that the CSL DD and GT DD Pro wheel bases won’t be included in any Fanatec Black Friday 2022 sale.

Fanatec Black Friday 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

When will Fanatec Black Friday 2022 and Cyber Monday start?

The Fanatec Black Friday sale will start on Friday 25th November and will run until the end of Monday 28th November 2022. All sale items will be available throughout this period or until stocks last.

What Fanatec products are on sale on Black Friday?

Fanatec has discounted a range of products for Black Friday including the Podium DD2 wheel base, ClubSport V3 pedals, and all of their steering wheels.

Will the Fanatec CSL DD or GT DD Pro be on sale?

Neither the CSL DD or GT DD Pro wheel base are included in the Fanatec Black Friday 2022 sale. It has also been confirmed that the CSL DD won’t be back in stock until 2023.

Will there be any Fanatec discount codes?

Fanatec doesn’t utilise discount codes, so any sale item during Black Friday will not require a discount code.

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay!

Disclaimer: Some of the links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay! Prices are correct at the time of publishing and may have changed. We do our best to keep these prices updated and correct.