Best Sim Racing Black Friday Deals 2022

Here is our complete roundup of the best sim racing Black Friday deals for 2022.

Article updated November 25, 2022

Sim Racing Black Friday Deals

Below are the hottest 2022 Black Friday deals from across the sim racing community. These deals include the best-discounted items from each sim racing manufacturer including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, MOZA Racing, GT Omega, Sim-Lab and more.

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Fanatec Black Friday Deals

Fanatec has revealed their Black Friday 2022 deals. These will go live on Black Friday itself, and will be available until the end of Cyber Monday. There will be limited stock available, so we would expect some items to sell out pretty quickly.

Logitech Black Friday Deals

Logitech has announced that they are offering £50 off all orders over £250. That means you can save £50 off the Logitech Pro Racing Wheel or Pedals if purchased before the end of Monday (Nov 28).

MOZA Racing Black Friday Deals

MOZA Racing has announced their 2022 Black Friday deals. There is a small number of sim racing products on sale over Black Friday weekend, with a small discount. These deals will be available between Friday 25th November and Monday 28th November.

GT Omega Black Friday Deals

GT Omega design some of the best racing simulators and gaming chairs available. And they have launched their Black Friday deals. You can save up to 23% on sim racing cockpits, wheel stands and gaming chairs in the GT Omega Black Friday sale.

Sim-Lab Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for the best high end racing cockpits, look no further than Sim-Lab. They have launched their Sim-Lab Black Friday deals with 10% off all products! Below are the best Sim-Lab deals that you can pick up this Black Friday. Also, all purchases over €500 will enter you into a draw to win a Porsche 911 RSR replica wheel worth €2500!

Trak Racer Black Friday Deals

Trak Racer has launched their 2022 Black Friday deals with a whopping 15% off all of their products site wide. Check out the best discounts from Trak Racer below.

Simucube Black Friday Deals

Simucube has announced their Black Friday deals with 10% off of all of their wheel bases and their Tahko GT-21 steering wheels. Also, as an added bonus, all products purchased over Black Friday come with free shipping.

Cube Controls Black Friday Deals

Cube Controls has announced their Black Friday 2022 deals with up to 12% off their range of sim racing steering wheels.

Digital Motorsports Black Friday Deals

Digital Motorsports are a worldwide distributer of a variety of sim racing products. They sell products from brands such as Fanatec, MOZA, Sim Lab, Trak Racer and more. They have a wide range of early Black Friday discounts available, with the best deals shown below.

Thrustmaster Black Friday Deals

You can find 10% off all Thrustmaster products at Digital Motorsports as part of their Black Friday sale. Thrustmaster offer some of the best entry level to mid-range racing wheels, shifters and pedals on the market. Currently, there are a range of Thrustmaster racing wheels, shifters and pedals on sale for Black Friday.

iRacing Black Friday Deals

You can also find some great iRacing discounts this Black Friday including 25% off membership renewals and 50% new memberships.

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Watch our Sim Racing Black Friday deal Round Video

Below is a quick video detailing every sim racing Black Friday deal to be announced so far. This video runs through the best deals from across all sim racing brands.

Sim Racing Black Friday 2022 Deals

Sim racing Black Friday 2022 – What’s happened so far?

We have reached Black Friday, and we’ve seen a variety of sim racing brands announce their Black Friday 2022 deals.

Brands such as Fanatec, Simucube, GT Omega, Trak Racer, and Sim-Lab have all revealed their 2022 Black Friday deals which are now all live.


Fanatec launched their Black Friday 2022 deals on of the 18th November 2022. They have discounted a range of items in their biggest Black Friday deals ever.

You can pick up any Fanatec steering wheel with a 10% discount, or a bundle of two or three steering wheels for 20% and 30% off.

Also, the mighty DD2 Wheel base is discounted to the price of the DD1. The ClubSport V3 pedals are now just €/$299.99, saving €/$100. And the ClubSport V3 Inverted pedals have a massive €/$200 off, at just €/$399.95.

All of these deals are available from Friday 25th November through to the end of Monday 28th November or until stocks last.

GT Omega

GT Omega’s deals include all of their sim racing products, with a range of discounts available. There are discounts of up to 23% included off a range of their sim racing cockpits and wheel bases.

These dicounts are across their whole range of sim racing products including their sim rigs and wheel stands. You can save up to 23% off of GT Omega’s Classic Wheel Stand and up to 14% off of their cockpits.


Sim-Lab has announced a site-wide 10% off of all of their sim racing cockpits and accessories, including the brand new X1-PRO Sim Racing Cockpit.

In addition to this, any qualifying purchase made on Sim-Lab of over €500 will enter you into a prize draw to win a Porsche 911 RSR replica wheel worth €2500!

Trak Racer

Trak Racer has also announced a fixed Black Friday discount of 15% across all of their products. This includes all sim racing cockpits including the new Alpine TRX cockpit. This equates to a saving of £210/$210 off of the TRX price.


Currently, at the time of writing, Thrustmaster hasn’t officially announced their own Black Friday sale. However, you can purchase a range of Thrustmaster products on sale for Black Friday at Digital Motorsports. The sim racing retailer are currently offering 10% their entire range of Thrustmaster products across Black Friday.


Racing simulator iRacing has also announced a range of discounts including 25% off of membership renewals and 50% off of new memberships. You can purchase a new membership utilising this discount using this link.

Sim Racing Black Friday 2022 predictions

Below are a series of predictions that we made before any Black Friday deals were announced. We will keep these predictions here to see how close we got to the actual sim racing Black Friday deals that have been announced.

While some brands have already announced their Black Friday 2022 deals, there are a few brands that are yet to start their Black Friday event.

This includes major sim racing brands such as Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Simucube, and more. While we wait for these deals and discounts to arrive, we can try to predict which products will be discounted.

Fanatec Black Friday predictions

We can look at previous Fanatec Black Friday sales to predict what products will be discounted in 2022. In previous year’s Fanatec has discounted various products from steering wheels to pedals.

Wheel bases

It would be highly unlikely that either the CSL DD or GT DD Pro wheel bases get discounted. Both of these direct drive wheel bases are among the most popular products, and both are often sold out.

However, we may see some discount on the more expensive DD1 and DD2 wheel bases. Both of these high-performing direct drive wheel bases have been around for a good number of years now.

And they may be discounted to try to bring them closer to the price of the entry-level wheel bases, at least while both the CSL DD and GT DD Pro remain out of stock.

The Fanatec Podium F1 wheel has already been discounted by $500. Read more about this price reduction here.

Steering wheels

Last year, the most discounted products were Fanatec’s steering wheels. They have a large stock of different steering wheels and have recently announced upgraded versions of some models.

We could see a variety of steering wheels on sale during Black Friday to help clear some stock, or to further promote the newer upgraded models such as the F1 Esports V2 wheel.

Cockpit discounts

There is a rumor that Fanatec is going to launch a new cockpit soon. This could mean that they discount the older RennSport V2 cockpit during any Black Friday sale.

Pedal discounts

Fanatec has previously discounted pedals during sale events. This trend could be continued for a 2022 Black Friday sale. The CSL Elite pedal set has also recently been upgraded so there could be a discount on this product or other pedals to help manage stock levels.

Thrustmaster Black Friday predictions

Thrustmaster is yet to announce its Black Friday discounts. They have however recently released a few new steering wheel products.

They announced the T128 Racing Wheel just last month, which is their new budget racing wheel to replace the older TMX and T150.

This could mean that some of the older racing wheels see a discount to clear out old stock. Or the new T128 and T248 racing wheels could be discounted.

Much like Fanatec, Thrustmaster has a wide range of products including various wheel bases and steering wheels. It would be a safe bet to think that some of these products could be discounted this year.

Simucube Black Friday predictions

Simucube are planning their Black Friday 2022 deals. You will find a big banner on their website promoting it. However, they are yet to announce any deals.

It has been a big year for Simucube, with a variety of new products announced.

Steering wheels

During the year they announced their first steering wheel, the Tahko GT-21, along with a partnership with GSI. Both of these steering wheels are high end wheels, meaning any Black Friday discount could see a large chunk reduced from the price.


Simucube has also revealed its first sim racing pedal, the ActivePedal. This product hasn’t been made available just yet, with pre-orders not starting yet.

Their Black Friday event could see the official launch of this sim racing pedal.

Wheel bases

Simucube is best known for its high-performing direct drive wheel bases. It is highly likely that we will see a discount across their Sport, Pro, and Ultimate wheel bases.

MOZA Racing Black Friday predictions

MOZA Racing has had a huge 12 months. They’ve taken the sim racing world by surprise with a whole host of new products. They’ve released new wheel bases to compete with Fanatec, along with new steering wheels and pedals.

Many of these products have been well received. So it would make sense for the new sim racing brand to reveal a selection of discounts and deals during Black Friday to keep the momentum going.

We could see some of their more premium products discounted. These could include the R16 and R21 high-performance wheel bases, along with the FSR Formula wheel.

Sim Racing Black Friday 2022 FAQs

Below are some of the most popular questions that we have been asked about sim racing brands and their 2022 Black Friday sales.

What sim racing brands have a Black Friday 2022 sale?

Currently, a variety of major sim racing brands have announced their black Friday 2022 deals. These include Fanatec, Sim-Lab, Trak Racer, GT Omega, Digital Motorsports and more.

Will Fanatec have a Black Friday sale?

Fanatec has announced their Black Friday sale, with a range of discounts off of a variety of products including the popular DD2 wheel base. All Fanatec deals are live now.

How long will the sim racing Black Friday sales last?

With many sim racing brands already launching their 2022 Black Friday sales early in November, we would expect most brands to keep their sale running until the end of November, or until Cyber Monday on the 28th November.

Are there any good Black Friday sim racing deals?

With sim racing products generally being quite expensive, Black Friday is the perfect time to find a good deal. Sim-Lab are running 10% off all products which amounts to a large saving on some products. GT Omega are also running discounts up to 23%.

Are there any iRacing Black Friday 2022 discounts?

iRacing is running one of its biggest-ever sales this Black Friday. They are decreasing the price of new memberships by a huge 50%. And they are also reducing the cost of membership renewals by 25%.

This can amount to a large saving across new and existing memberships.

To apply the iRacing Black Friday discount to your account, you’ll have to either purchase a new membership using this link.

Or you can choose to renew your existing membership for a period of time.

iRacing Black Friday promo codes

Currently, there are two new promo codes for iRacing for Black Friday 2022. These are;

How To Renew your membership using the Black Friday discounts

  1. Copy your desired promotional code to your clipboard.
  2. Log in to iRacing, and click the “Renew My Membership” button.
  3. Paste your desired promotional code in the “Promotion / Gift Certificate Code” field and click “Apply”.
  4. Click “Confirm” and complete the checkout process.