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Jose López

Member since February 2, 2023
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Jose López
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Professional Sim Racing Driver and Setup Expert
With over a decade of experience, José López is a seasoned professional in the world of sim racing and setup creation. His journey began in 2003 when he won the prestigious Gran Turismo Ibiza Championship, igniting a passion that has driven his successful career.

Racing Achievements
José López has consistently showcased his exceptional racing skills across various simulation platforms, including Rfactor, Assetto Corsa, Gran Turismo, and Race Room. His impressive list of victories in high-profile events is a testament to his talent and dedication. Notably, José has proven his expertise in endurance racing by winning the 24h Kyalami by RRC in the ACC’s Silver class.

Professional Setup Creation
Currently, José focuses exclusively on creating top-tier setups for Assetto Corsa Competizione, a simulation developed by the renowned Italian company Kunos Simulazioni. His expertise has been sought by real GT3 drivers such as Andy Soucek, Albert Costa, and Esteban Guerrieri, contributing to their on-track success.

Team and Community Engagement
As a key member of the LowFuelMotorsport team, José has helped the team achieve a top-five global ranking and holds the distinction of being the number one ranked driver in Spain. The team has competed in the 2023 Assetto Corsa Competizione World Cup, facing off against some of the world’s best teams. Learn more about their achievements at the
LowFuelMotorsport Team Profile.

José’s setups are highly sought after in the sim racing community. They can be found on: Join my Discord community at to stay updated on my latest sim racing adventures and connect with me. You can also follow me on Twitter (@JOSE2K2) and Twitch ( to stay updated.

José López is dedicated to advancing the field of sim racing, continually pushing the limits and sharing his expertise with the community.

(2003) Gran turismo, Ibiza champion.
(2009) 1º LigaPaddock-F1, Rfactor.
(2018) 1º DTM, Assetto corsa.
(2019) 1º Gtrspain DTM90s, Assetto corsa.
(2019) 1º Endurance series By 1k1, Assetto corsa MSI eSports.
(2019) 1º Simuracer Lmp2 Series, Assetto corsa)
(2020) Finalist Ces Academy 3º Assetto Corsa.
(2020) 1º SimuTeams By simuracer Lamborghini Huracan, Assetto Corsa. Sin Team.
(2020) 1º Endurochamp proseries By Redlinemotorsport, Assetto Corsa Competizione. Sin Team
(2020) G2 series by trueforce finalist.Sidememax Motorworks
(2020) 1º endurace By VRS , ACC
(2020) 2º GT3 Series by Dompetizione,ACC(Sidemax motorwoks)
(2020) 1º 24h Kyalami by RRC. ACC Silver class(Sidemax)
(2021) Finalist Next Level racing by Simracingp.
(2021) P1 24H Kyalami by RCI Proseries. ACC(Zennith eSports)
(2021) P1 PAF Endurace (Zennith eSports) ACC
(2021) World Cup By VCO Simgrid top split
(2021) Finalist Logitech G challenge by Mclaren
(2022) ERWC World Cup By VCO (Logitech G altus)