Racing Wheel Not Recognized For ACC – Xbox One – SOLUTION

ACC Racing wheel fix Xbox
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Since the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Assetto Corsa Competizione released on console, there have been numerous reports of the game not recognizing a racing wheel.

From Logitech G920’s through to Thrustmaster TMX, this seems to be affecting a whole range of racing wheels.

Below is a fix to ensure your Logitech and Thrustmaster racing wheels are working with ACC on Xbox. This worked for us when we experienced this issue. And has been confirmed to work for a selection of other gamers.

The Fix

Step 1

Don’t connect your racing wheel. Instead use your regular controller to load up a practice session. Click drive to be sent out of the pits and then click start to go in to the menu.

Step 2

Disconnect your controller by turning it off. The game should pop up saying controller disconnected.

Step 3

Now, connect your racing wheel via USB to your console, and let the wheel calibrate itself.

Step 4

Once the wheel has auto calibrated itself, click “A” on your steering wheel to close the “Controller disconnected” message. Then select your gamer profile.

Step 5

Your wheel should now be recognised, and the steering and pedal inputs working. You may need to jump in to the controller menu to select racing wheel, and change your steering ratio to 900.

Then finally you will have to set up all of your inputs manually. Kunos haven’t given us any presets annoyingly. Just be sure to save your custom preset when you have it set up the way you like!

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Still having issues?

If you are still having issues with the wheel not working. Try unplugging it from the console, and reconnecting it. Doing this a couple of times seems to fix any glitches. Also ensure your controller pad is switched off while connecting your wheel.

You can reconnect your controller after your wheel is working to enable you to use headphones etc.

If you’re wheel is working but the force feedback is terrible, ensure you steering ratio is set to around 900. And not at 270.

Failing everything. Throw your G920 out of the window and buy a Fanatec wheel. Not a single issue has been reported with a Fanatec wheel. This isn’t the most cost effective solution, but it’ll certainly solve it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

If you are that way inclined, here is a nice guide explaining why you should upgrade from your G29 / G920 to a Fanatec wheel.

Looking for the best ACC Xbox & PS4 Force Feedback Settings?

If you manage to get your racing wheel working, and connected you may want to dial in the feeling with a custom set of force feedback settings. We have a complete guide for the best force feedback settings for every wheel.

Read our full Assetto Corsa Competizione Best Force Feedback Settings for Xbox & PS4 guide.

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Disclaimer: The links above are our affiliate links, and we may receive a small commission from any sales used via these links. Buying after clicking one of our links will never affect the price you pay.
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16 thoughts on “Racing Wheel Not Recognized For ACC – Xbox One – SOLUTION”

  1. Hola, tengo un volante hori rwo en xbox one y solo me reconoce 180 grados de giro. Se puede solucionar eso? Muchas gracias

    1. Hola, has probado con la configuración directa en volante? El manual te dice cómo hacerlo y puedes conseguir el mismo en la página de Hori USA en la sección de soporte, si no lo consigues dejame saber para enviártelo. A mí me está funcionando bien. Btw, Kudos to the people who published this workaround, the game was not recognizing pedal or brake input and after doing the aforementioned steps, now the wheel is working perfectly.

  2. Hey i actually have the fanatec csl pedals and formula v2 wheel and my pedals and wheel isnt working only the buttons on the wheel any soulution ?

      1. tried the fix, gets the pedals working and steering somewhat functional, force feedback is still terrible and jumping all over the place, wheel is super jerky and you have to be holding it tightly just so it doesn’t snap left or right while on a straight. I’ve tried all different steering lock and none seem to be any better…it’s either bad or really bad. tried auto, 1080, 900…and the different variations of these on the in game settings also…no luck. would be nice if kunos would provide an update…say they’re working on it or looking into it.

      2. Hey, I have a G920 and the steering inputs and pedals work fine, but I don’t have any FFB at all. I’ve tried all steps above and reinstalled ACC. I didn’t have this issue until the latest patch.

  3. I was having this issue on XBone, then I found the firmware on my tmx was 8 versions behind. Current version is 15 mine was at 7. I hooked it up to my laptop and used the firmware updater from Thrustmaster. Plugged the wheel in once I had ACC running and only had to bind some controls and set the steering lock to 900. Works pretty well but still needs some personal tweaking.

  4. Seems to me wheel support is a total mess at the moment. I will do nothing till Kunos comes with a fix. I have the Fanatec V2.5 wheelbase, V3 pedals and the Formula F1 V2 wheel. Doesn’t work, fix doesn’t help.

  5. How do i change the steering lock? I highlight the option in the controls menu, yet it just moves over without adjusting steering lock, leaving it set at 0. Seems a big waste of money. Thankyou

  6. Have you clicked the A button whilst in the steering lock area? Then use the D-pad to sheet the setting and press A again to save. It’s all a bit clunky but that’s how it worked for me.

  7. Hey, I have the Logitech G920. My steering and pedal inputs work perfectly fine. I just don’t have any FFB at all. I’ve tried all steps above numerous times, even uninstalled and installed ACC. I didn’t have this issue until the latest patch on Xbox released.

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