Simucube Wheel Settings For Assetto Corsa: Simucube 2 Pro Settings

Discover the best Simucube 2 wheel settings for Assetto Corsa on PC. I'll run through our recommended Simucube 2 Pro force feedback settings and Assetto Corsa in-game settings.

Simucube 2 Pro wheel base

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While Assetto Corsa Evo is the new game on the horizon, the original Assetto Corsa remains one of the most-played racing sims around. The combination of an excellent physics platform and the ability to easily implement Assetto Corsa mods using Content Manager make for one of the best sim racing experiences currently.

The Simucube 2 Pro is one of the most popular racing wheels for Assetto Corsa due to its incredible force feedback. Much like Assetto Corsa, which is easily moddable, the Simucube 2 Pro wheel is compatible with a wide range of third-party steering wheels. This lets sim racers easily access different steering wheels for the different disciplines in Assetto Corsa.

In this guide, I’m going to show you our recommended Simucube 2 Pro force feedback settings for Assetto Corsa. I will also look at what settings to change for the Simucube 2 Sport and Ultimate wheel bases.

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How to set up a Simucube wheel in Assetto Corsa

The first step towards getting started in Assetto Corsa is to set up your Simucube wheel base. This is a pretty easy process that involves mounting your wheel, connecting it to your PC, and downloading the right software.

Simucube does a good job of making the set up for a Simucube wheel base, or Simucube pedals nice and easy. If you are setting up a wheel base such as the Simucube 2 Pro, Sport or Ultimate, you will need to download the True Drive software.

If you have a set of Simucube ActivePedals, you will need a different piece of software to configure them. This is called Tuner, and it will let you customise and adjust the ActivePedals, throttle, and a Heusinkveld pedal set if it is connected via an ActivePedal.

View our Simucube ActivePedal review to see if the extreme price is worth it for force feedback sim racing pedals.

Below is a quick overview of how to correctly set up your Simucube 2 Pro wheel base to ensure it is working with Assetto Corsa.

  1. Mount your Simucube 2 Pro

    The first thing to do is mount your Simucube 2 Pro wheel base. The force feedback that all Simucube racing wheels produce is incredibly strong so I’d recommend mounting it to a sturdy sim rig such as an aluminium profile cockpit.

  2. Install the Simucube QR Hub and mount your steering wheel

    Simucube do sell its own steering wheels which can be used with all wheel bases. Alternatively, you can opt to use a different compatible steering wheel from a different brand. Simply mount the Simucube QR Hub to the steering wheel to connect it to your wheel base.

  3. Connect your racing wheel to your PC

    With your wheel mounted, connect the cable from the rear of the wheel base to your PC, and ensure the wheel base is powered on.

  4. Update your Simucube wheel

    Next, download the True Drive software to update your wheel. This is free software that lets you control, adjust and update your racing wheel. The firmware update will automatically run when you first start up True Drive with your wheel connected.

  5. Change force feedback settings in True Drive

    After updating the firmware, use our recommended Assetto Corsa wheel settings below and input them into the True Drive software.

  6. Adjust Assetto Corsa settings

    Finally, start Assetto Corsa and copy across our recommended force feedback settings using either the Assetto Corsa settings menu or Content Manager.

Simucube 2 Pro Assetto Corsa force feedback settings

Now, let’s jump in and show you our recommended force feedback settings for the Simucube 2 Pro wheel. I’ll start by running through the settings that you should set in True Drive. Then I’ll look at the in-game settings.

Racing Wheel – Simucube 2 Pro
Compatibility – PC
Price – €1438 / $1379
Where to buyBuy from Simucube

Simucube 2 Pro True Drive settings:

The settings below can be set using Simucube True Drive. You can save the profile after configuring these settings giving you easy access to load them again in the future. This is a good idea if you regularly change settings between different games or cars.

  • Overall Strength – 65%
  • Steering Range – 1180°
  • Bumpstop Feel – Medium
  • Bumpstop Range – 1180°
Constantly Operating Filters
  • Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter – 1 “fast”
  • Torque Bandwidth Limit – Unlimited
  • Damping – 15%
  • Friction – 5%
  • Inertia – 5%
  • Static Force Reduction – Off
  • Slew Rate Limit – 0.55
  • Ultra Low Latency Mode – Off
  • Center Frequency – Filter disabled
DirectInput Effect Fine Tuning
  • Damping – 0%
  • Friction – 0%
  • Spring – 0%
  • Sine Wave – 0%
  • Square Wave – 0%
  • Sawtooth – 0%
  • Triangle – 0%

Hardware settings

  • Centering strength – 4%
  • Hands off detection sensitivity – Off

Assetto Corsa in-game settings:

  • Gain – 65%
  • Filter – 0%
  • Minimum Force – 0%
  • Kerb Effect – 25%
  • Road Effect – 20%
  • Slip Effect – 10%
  • ABS Effect – 15%
  • Center Boost Gain – 0%
  • Center Boost Range – 0%
  • Enable FFB Post-Processing – Disable
  • Low Speed Threshold – 3km/h
  • Low Speed FFB Strength – 10%
  • Damper Gain – 0%
  • Minimum Damper Level – 0%

FFB Tweaks (Content Manager)

  • MacPherson Struct FFB Adjustments – Enabled
  • Disabled FFB During loading – Active
  • More physically Accurate Gyro – Active (10%)
  • Range Compression – 100%
  • Output Real Steering Forces To Wheel – Disabled

What settings to change for the Simucube 2 Sport and Ultimate wheels?

When switching to the less powerful Simucube 2 Sport or more powerful Ultimate wheel base, you may need to adjust some settings. The primary setting to change is the overall strength in True Drive and Gain in Assetto Corsa. I like to set both of these values to the same value.

With the Simucube 2 Sport, I would increase these two values up to around 75-80%. With the Ultimate wheel base, I would lower them down to around the 45-50% mark. You can adjust these settings per car, as each car in Assetto Corsa will feel different and output slightly different force feedback.

Should I use Content Manager for Assetto Corsa?

Assetto Corsa has been around for a very long time. If you load the game directly from Steam, you will be presented with an incredibly dated menu system. This old menu can make the game feel clunky and awkward to navigate.

With Assetto Corsa’s reliance on the modding community, a new platform has been created that makes setting up Assetto Corsa much easier. This is called Content Manager and is an unofficial menu for AC. Within the Content Manager app, which is free to download, you can adjust all of the settings that you would be able to in-game and even launch races directly from Content Manager without opening AC.

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If you like to download and experiment with mods, Content Manager makes it incredibly easy to do so using a drag-and-drop system. Most Assetto Corsa mods can be simply dropped into the Content Manager UI, and they will auto-install.

Read our complete guide on how to install Assetto Corsa mods using Content Manager.

Simucube True Drive settings explained

Below are all of the settings that you can change in the Simucube True Drive software. I’ve provided a short explanation over each setting so you can better understand what to change and how it will affect your racing wheel.


Overall Strength
The overall strength setting will affect your Simucube wheel bases overall strength output. At 100%, you will be allowing your wheel base to output the maximum amount of torque. As you change the overall strength setting, you will see the actual maximum torque setting below change.

Steering Range
This is your steering lock. Ensure this matches your in-game setting.

Bumpstop Feel
The bumpstop feel will affect how hard the force is that stops you from turning your wheel past the maximum steering lock.

Bumpstop Range
This should match your steering range.

Constantly Operating Filters

Simucube Force Reconstruction Filter
This filter will essentially affect how smooth the force feedback feels. The higher the filter, the more smoothing is being added. Generally, lower settings are better as they reduce latency.

Torque Bandwidth Limit
This bandwidth limit will affect the clipping of force feedback. Lower settings here will eliminate higher frequency force feedback resulting in smoother but less detailed feedback. Leaving this to unlimited is normally best.

Adding damping will simulate the mechanical aspects of your car’s suspension and tyres. Increasing this setting will add weight to your steering wheel.

Friction works in tandem with damping to simulate tyre friction. Increasing this will also increase the weight of your wheel in certain scenarios.

Inertia will add weight to your steering wheel.

Static Force Reduction
This setting reduces the constant force required to keep the wheel turned through longer corners. It will reduce the constant force, while allowing fine details to shine through.

Slew Rate Limit
Leaving the slew rate limit off should be your default setting. It adjusts how fast the torque levels change and can limit the speed of torque change.

Ultra Low Latency Mode
This setting will reduce the latency between wheel base and PC, which can be helpful if you are applying filters to your force feedback.

DirectInput Effect Fine Tuning

The DirectInput tuning settings allow for fine-tuning of the overall settings set above. They allow you to delve deeper into fine-tuning your force feedback.

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