Race The Full F1 2023 Season Today: Assetto Corsa Mod Guide

Using a few easy to install Assetto Corsa mods, you can race a full 2023 Formula 1 season using all of the real 2023 F1 cars and tracks. This guide runs through how to set up this championship using Assetto Corsa.

F1 2023 Car Mod Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2023

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While we are currently waiting for the official F1 23 game to release, many sim racers might want to already take their favourite team out on track early. And using the tips and downloads in this guide, you can race against a complete grid of 2023 Formula 1 cars with the official 2023 liveries today.

To achieve this we will utilise a few Assetto Corsa mods from the best content creators around. The mods I’m going to use in this guide are primarily free, with the exception of one premium mod, and that is for the F1 2023 car model.

How to get the 2023 Formula 1 car in Assetto Corsa

The primary piece of the puzzle to be able to race the actual 2023 Formula 1 car in Assetto Corsa is to utilise one of the very best Assetto Corsa mods around.

Race Sim Studio is a team of content creators who specialise in recreating some of the most iconic cars in full 3D and making them available to race in racing sims such as Assetto Corsa.

While RSS have a wide selection of car models, the newest Formula Hybrid 2023 is their interpretation of a 2023 F1 car. It isn’t an official recreation of a single 2023 F1 car, it is instead a hybrid of all of the features and characteristics that are found across the 2023 Formula 1 grid.

The car itself is incredibly detailed and looks right at home. It features incredibly realistic audio along with advanced physics to make it feel as realistic as possible.

The car model itself features a selection of different upgrades that you can apply. These change both the visual appearance and the performance of the car itself and include different noses, rear wing packages, halo and antennas.

You can download the Formula Hybrid 2023 from Race Sim Studios using this link. Currently, this mod costs just £3.79, although you have the ability to increase the price if you wish to support the creators.

How to install the Formula Hybrid 2023 into Assetto Corsa

The great news is that once you have the Formula Hybrid 2023 downloaded, it is incredibly easy to load into Assetto Corsa.

I would recommend installing the Content Manager mod for Assetto Corsa if you don’t already have it. Content Manager acts as a much-improved front-end UI for Assetto Corsa and allows you to change game settings, install mods and set up races and championships with ease.

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If you do have Content Manager installed, all you have to do is drag and drop the Formula Hybrid 2023 zip file into the Content Manager UI and it will automatically unpackage the file and install it.

Read our more in-depth guide on how to install Assetto Corsa mods.

Download all F1 2023 liveries

To really make it feel like you are racing against a real 2023 Formula 1 grid, you can download and install all of the 2023 car liveries. These can be downloaded for free over at Race Department, and installed in the same way as above using Content Manager.

I’ll link the best liveries for each 2023 F1 team below, although, there are a variety of different content creators who create liveries, so you may find other liveries on Race Department.

  • Red Bull F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Mercedes F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Ferrari F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • McLaren F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Aston Martin F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Alpine F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • AlphaTauri F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Williams F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Alfa Romeo F1 2023 Livery – Download here.
  • Haas F1 2023 Livery – Download here.

Download the 2023 Formula 1 tracks

The last thing you’ll need to download into Assetto Corsa once you have the car and all liveries are all of the 2023 F1 tracks. Adding all of the tracks into Assetto Corsa will allow us to set up a complete 23 race championship.

The base version of Assetto Corsa doesn’t include all of the tracks required to run a complete 2023 Formula 1 season. Instead, we’ll need to look towards mods to add these tracks to the game.

There are a few ways of approaching this task, as we’ll need to load a lot of track mods into Assetto Corsa to complete the full calendar. The easiest way is to utilise a mod like this complete championship mod from Cozy61.

This mod was designed for the 2022 season but includes almost all of the tracks that feature in the 2023 F1 season so is a great base to work from. This mod includes a variety of mods that can be installed into Assetto Corsa along with all instructions on exactly how to correctly install it.

The two tracks that are missing from that championship mod are Losail, Qatar and the new Las Vegas track. These can both be downloaded using the links below.


Using the mods above allows us to run a complete custom 2023 Formula 1 championship, even before the official F1 23 game is released. Many will also prefer the racing physics that are on offer from Assetto Corsa compared to the more arcade/simulation mixture that the F1 23 game offers.

To set up the championship, you can use the Championships menu in Content Manager. There you can configure all of the tracks that are included along with all of the cars, liveries, driver skill and race settings.

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