How To Download ACC Setup Updates From Sim Racing Setup

When you buy any car setup from Sim Racing Setups, you can get free setup updates. In this guide, I'll run through how to download updates car setups as they are released.


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Every time a customer buys a car setup or setup bundle from Sim Racing Setups, they qualify for free setup updates.

This means that if you purchase a BMW M4 GT3 setup bundle for Assetto Corsa Competizione for example. If a new version of the setup is released, you can download it for free from your dashboard.

Offering free setup updates for customers, means that you won’t need to re-buy the setup bundle again to access the updated car setup. This offers fantastic value for customers as setups often change over time.

Where to download setup updates

All setup updates will only be available to download in your dashboard. To access your dashboard, you need to create an account while checking out and purchasing your car setup. There is a note on our checkout page that emphasises the importance of doing this.

To find car setup updates, simply log into using the “My Account” button in the navigation bar. If you are already logged in, this button will take you to your dashboard.

When you are on your dashboard screen, you can find all setup updates under the “Downloads” tab. Click this button to see all of the car setups that you own.

SRS ACC Setup downloads

How to download setup updates

Once you have navigated to the “Downloads” section of your dashboard, you can view and download any car setup or bundle you own. Below, I’ll outline a step-by-step process of downloading car setup updates from

  1. Log into Sim Racing Setups

    The first step is to log into your account on Do this using the “My Account” button in the navigation bar.

  2. Head to the downloads section

    Once logged in and on your dashboard, click the “Dashboard” tab to view all setups and bundles that you own.

  3. Download your car setup updates

    Then, downloading a setup update is as simple as finding the car setup that you wish to update, and clicking the download button.

  4. Unzip your new car setup

    Your car setup download will be zipped in a folder that has a generic title such as “BMW M4 GT3 Setup Bundle v1.9”. To view the new car setups and the detailed version number, unzip the folder.

How to know if an update is available

A foolproof way of knowing if a new car setup is available for your specific car setup or bundle is to check the product page of whichever car setup you own.

Step 1

You can do this by either going to the car setup page on our website. Or you can use the link in your dashboard or email. Below is a sample email. To access the product page click the name of the setup or bundle you purchased.

SRS ACC Setup updates order
Step 2

Once you have loaded the setup page for the setup you purchased, scroll down to the description. Underneath the description of the setup or bundle, you will see a section labelled “Car Setup Updates“.

In this section, you can see all car setups that have been released for that specific setup or bundle. The top update will always be the latest car setup.

SRS ACC Setup updates
Step 3

If there is a setup update available in the description, you can follow the steps detailed above on how to download your free setup updates.

How long can I download free setup updates?

When you buy a car setup from us, you qualify for free car setups indefinitely. This means that you can continue to download car setups for a specific car setup or bundle as long as that car is available on our website.

If there is a major update, such as the v1.9 update for Assetto Corsa Competizione, new setups will be created. Big game updates like this mean older car setups become unsupported.

In this scenario, as an example, if you owned the v1.8 BMW M4 GT3 car setup, you would need to re-purchase the v1.9 BMW M4 GT3 car setup bundle.

Thankfully, big game updates like this come along very rarely. The gap between Assetto Corsa Competizione v1.8 and v1.9 updates as an example was around 19 months.

This means you should be able to get a long period of free car setup updates from your initial purchase.

I didn’t create an account during checkout. Can I access updates?

If you didn’t create an account during the checkout process or checked out as a guest, you cannot download setup updates. We don’t provide setup updates via email, instead, all setup updates are downloadable from your dashboard.

If you would like to download car setup updates but do not have an account, please contact us to see if we can assist. Contacting us via Twitter is the quickest way to get a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if a setup update is available?

The best way of checking to see if a setup has an update available is to check the description of the setup or bundle you have purchased. All setup updates are listed in the setup description.

Where can I go to download the setup updates?

All setup updates can be downloaded from your dashboard on Log into our website and navigate to the “Downloads” tab to view all setup downloads available.

Do I need to re-purchase the car setup to access updates?

Absolutely not. Once you have purchased a setup or setup bundle from, you won’t need to re-purchase the setup or bundle to access future updates. Updates are free to anyone who has purchased a car setup from our website.

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page may be affiliate links. We may earn commission from any sale after clicking a link. Read our affiliate policy.