How Delta 2.0 is Changing Sim Racing

Delta 2.0 is an app that lets you track your on track data like never before. Its clean UI lets you compare lap times, install setups and more, and it really is changing ACC and iRacing sim racing.

Coach Dave Delta 2.0

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Recently I’ve been spending a lot more time in Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. Maybe it is due to the recent release of GT2 cars and the upcoming improvements such as the Nordschleife in ACC and rain in iRacing. One of the elements that has had me hooked since jumping back into ACC is tracking my performance using Coach Dave Delta 2.0.

The Delta 2.0 app is a piece of software that you can install on your PC to track all of your on-track sessions within Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. It can serve as a hub to compare your data, view lap times, session details and a quick way to install and compare car setups.

What is Coach Dave Delta 2.0?

Delta is a sim racing app that lets you view and compare data as well as perform a few other neat functions to help you get the most out of Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing. You can run Delta in the background while you are racing in either ACC or iRacing and it will collect your on track data so you can analyse it at any point.

Just by heading out on track with Delta open, it will record your lap times, stint length, and can show you some really cool feedback such as how much you’re oversteering or understeering. All of this data can help you make adjustments to your driving and see which parts of the session you’re putting in the fastest lap times.

During my time with Delta, I’ve been using it as a pseudo race engineer. It packages a wide amount of information into its UI using a very clean and easy-to-read design. It can show you the weather and track conditions, tyre pressures, fuel calculations and leaderboards. You can also access various helpful information such as Motec data, hotlap videos and setup notes to help you better understand the track and your driving.

How to get access to Delta 2.0

Delta 2.0 is a premium app, however, it comes included as part of a CDA subscription. If you subscribe to get iRacing or ACC car setups from Coach Dave, you will get access to Delta.

How much does Delta 2.0 cost?

The Delta app itself can’t be downloaded individually. You can only get access to it with an active CDA subscription. Currently, a CDA subscription costs £/$89 per year or £/$8.99 per month. For that price you get access to all CDA car setups for Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing and access to the Delta app.

Download CDA Delta 2.0 app to start using the CDA setups

How Delta 2.0 works

As long as Delta is running while you are sim racing in ACC or iRacing, it will be collecting data. When you launch the app without an active session running in game, it will prompt you to start a session. As soon as you do, it will start collecting data.

After a few laps on the track, you can head back into the garage. From there, simply alt + tab between your game and Delta to start looking at the data it has been collecting. You’ll see a variety of information now on show.

Understanding the UI

The majority of the UI of Delta is taken up by your live session times including individual stints and lap times. Here you can view your lap time data much like you can in most sim racing games, but everything is laid out and designed incredibly well.

Your fastest sectors will be highlighted in purple, and you can view data such as track temperature, fuel usage and precipitation for each individual lap.

ACC Delta 2.0 Lap Times

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On the left of the screen, you will see information relating to your session. Here are the current track and air temperatures as well as the total session time, grip levels and an indicator of which session you’re in. Below this is a set of leaderboard times that can show the fastest ever laps and your friend’s fastest laps.

Moving over to the right side, you’ll find a selection of helpful information. The fuel estimator can take your current fuel usage per lap and calculate how much fuel you’ll need for specific race durations. You can also access all of the CDA car setups here as well. Clicking into a car setup will let you download the Motec data and view hotlaps and setup notes.

Coach Dave Delta Session Summary

Comparing telemetry and lap times

The real heart of the Delta 2.0 app is the live telemetry function. This is where I spend most of my sessions within ACC and iRacing analysing my lap times to see where I can improve and what happened on track.

Each stint is broken up into its own set of data allowing you to easily compare the results of different car setups and track conditions. I often start a practice session using a car setup, then box into the pits before trying a different car setup. Then, I can jump into the Delta app and compare both stints to see which setup resulted in the better lap times.

Across the top of the Delta app, you will see a variety of tabs. These indicate different sessions. If for example you spent a few hours in ACC one evening and raced using a few different track and car combinations, you would see an individual tab for each session. You can flick between these tabs to view the data for each session.

This is a useful tool as you can see how different cars compare on the same track. If I completed two practice sessions, one using the Ferrari 296 GT3, and a second using the BMW M4 GT3, I could compare laps from both sessions to see which car performed better.

Finding car setups

One of the big features that has been a part of the Delta app since its launch in late 2022 is the ability to download car setups incredibly easily. Up until the introduction of Delta, installing ACC car setups was a manual process. You had to either find free ACC car setups or purchase premium car setups. Then unzip them to your setup folder on your PC.

While this isn’t a huge step, the unzipping and installation process can take less than 30 seconds. It is a process that has been completely removed with the Delta app. Also, if you own an ACC car setup bundle that often gets updated, you can find yourself repeating this process every week or so.

Within the Delta 2.0 app, you will always have all of Coach Dave’s car setups available to download at any time. It is important to note that you do need an active Coach Dave subscription to be able to use their car setups.

Delta 2.0 Car Setup List

When you jump into any session on Assetto Corsa Competizione, the correct car setups will be added to the game for you automatically. This is such a cool feature that really saves time having to manually copy, paste and save car setups.

How to install CDA setups using Delta

Accessing and using the car setups is incredibly easy to do. Simply load into any ACC session and head into the car setup menu. Clicking the load button will show you a variety of car setups ready to load and start using.

These pre-installed CDA setups are all of the most recent setups available, including the new Jardier car setups. Simply load a setup and head out on track to try it out.

Download CDA Delta 2.0 app to start using the CDA setups

Automatic tyre pressure setups

One of the very best features of using Delta alongside Coach Dave setups is the automatic tyre pressure adjustment setting. All of the Coach Dave car setups will be automatically updated to the correct tyre pressures to match the session conditions.

You will see in the setup list that each setup has the session conditions as a part of its name. This is to indicate that the setup has been automatically adjusted. Every time you load into a new session, these setups will automatically update to give you the optimal tyre pressures.

This even works as you progress from one session to another. Say you start practice and the weather is cool, you will be able to run the car setup with the tyre pressures adjusted for the cool track. If you progress to qualifying or the race and the sun is out and everything has warmed up, the setups will automatically update the tyre pressures to match.

Can you save a custom CDA car setup?

So not every car setup will be perfect for your style of driving. You may want to use a CDA car setup and tweak it to suit your driving style. You can do this with any of the pre-installed setups and save it as a custom car setup.

Saving a custom car setup like this will make it always available for future sessions. It will disable the automatic tyre pressure adjustment feature, however, if you create the perfect optimal conditions car setup, this shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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