The Best Assetto Corsa Mods: 10 Best Mods To Install 2024

In this guide I'll explore the world of mods in Assetto Corsa in 2024. I'll show you our favourite AC mods, where to find them and how to install them.

Assetto Corsa Best Mods

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Believe it or not, Assetto Corsa was first released around 10 years ago. And it is still one of the most popular racing sims today, featuring some of the highest current player counts of any racing game on Steam. It even outperforms the much newer Assetto Corsa Competizione.

So why is a racing game that is surely outdated by now still so popular? Well, a big part of that is due to the modding community. Of course, Assetto Corsa delivers some of the very best driving physics of any game to date.

In this guide, I’ll run through some of the very best Assetto Corsa mods in 2024. These are the mods that you should look to install first, with some of these Assetto Corsa mods completely changing and improving core elements of the game.

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Watch our video on the best Assetto Corsa Mods

The video below runs through all of the 10 best Assetto Corsa mods that we talk about in this guide, along with footage of each mod we’re discussing. If you’d rather read about the 10 best AC mods, then continue reading below.

Why install Assetto Corsa mods?

The sim racing community and modders have utilised the outstanding sim racing platform that is Assetto Corsa, to create thousands of mods to improve the overall Assetto Corsa experience.

You can find mods for a huge variety of modern and historic cars that add hundreds of cars into Assetto Corsa. Many of them have been professionally created, and are incredibly detailed recreations of the real-world car they’re based on.

As well as car packs, there are also hundreds of track mods for Assetto Corsa. This expands upon the base games tracks, allowing you to race and recreate full championships.

As an example, there is a mod that recreates the entire 2022 Formula 1 championship, including all teams, liveries and tracks. And this mod came out well before the F1 22 game did.

Finally, there are mods that sit outside of the category of car and track packs. These Assetto Corsa mods change the base game, adding elements such as weather, new UIs, additional gameplay elements and much more.

The best news is that a lot of the mods I’m going to show are free to download and use. These mods are created and driven by the passionate sim racing and Assetto Corsa community and are often updated.

As well as this, there will be a few premium mods that I’m going to recommend. These are typically new car packs which add realistic and detailed cars to Assetto Corsa in the form of a mod.

Installing some of these mods will fundamentally improve Assetto Corsa, completely changing your experience (in a good way).

Pair these free mods with the fact that you can pick up Assetto Corsa for a few dollars or pounds in 2024. And you have an incredibly low cost platform to sim race on, which brings hours and hours of fun. Why would you not want to install Assetto Corsa mods?

The 10 best Assetto Corsa mods

Below are our top 10 recommendations for the best mods in Assetto Corsa in 2024. Below is a quick list of all of the mods that I’ll be talking about toady. Continue reading and scroll down to find out more information about each of these Assetto Corsa mods, along with download links.

  1. Content Manager
  2. Sol
  3. Custom Shaders Pack
  4. Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2022
  5. Targo Florio
  6. Protech P91 Hybrid Evo
  7. RSS GT Pack
  8. Project Touge
  9. 2REAL Traffic Simulation
  10. Real F1 car mods (Historic & Modern)

1. Content Manager

The first mod for Assetto Corsa that I would always recommend be the first one somebody downloads is called Content Manager. This mod replaces the entire UI of Assetto Corsa, improving it in almost every possible way.

We have to say one of Assetto Corsa’s weakest parts is in its original UI. It can be tricky to navigate and looks dated no matter which way you look at it. Content Manager replaces this UI entirely, and you can launch races and sessions directly from Content Manager.

Assetto Corsa Content Manager Mod

When launching events, you can completely customise the grid, the driver AI, choose your car, track and everything else you need to set before a session. Once you select launch session, you will then be loaded right into the pre-race screen.

Content Manager for Assetto Corsa also acts as a fantastic place to manage other mods, and it allows you to drag and drop mods to install them directly into Assetto Corsa. This saves the often complex process of installing mods, by making mods accessible to everyone.

The final piece of the Content Manager puzzle is that it allows you to access and change core Assetto Corsa settings incredibly easily. There are dedicated settings screens, and these also allow you to adjust the settings of mods once you install them.

Overall, the Content Manager mod for Assetto Corsa is a complete game changer when it comes to navigating through AC. It is completely free making it a mod I would always recommend picking up first.

Download Content Manager

2. Sol

The second mod that I would highly recommend downloading affects the gameplay of Assetto Corsa in just as big of a way as Content Manager affects the UI.

Sol is essentially a graphics mod which improves how Assetto Corsa looks while racing. If you have seen any gameplay videos online of Assetto Corsa looking almost photorealistic, chances are they were using the Sol mod to achieve some of that graphical improvement.

Now, Sol won’t magically make Assetto Corsa look like it has just been released by a major studio, but it will go some of the way to improving the overall realism and look of the game and the environments.

You can install Sol incredibly quickly and easily if you already have Content Manager. There are settings baked directly into Content Manager where you can enable specific options within Sol and choose the new environments when you get on track.

You’ll notice Sol’s effect immediately after installing it. In the settings, you can select and apply the Sol filters, and these will essentially adjust the way Assetto Corsa looks. Sol will add a range of different weather features and filters which will make the game look completely different.

Now it’s important to note that Sol doesn’t add physical rain into Assetto Corsa, instead it focuses on adjusting the way Assetto Corsa looks via filters and weather effects. You can however get physical rain into Assetto Corsa using the Custom Shaders Pack which is my next mod recommendation.

Download Sol

3. Custom Shaders Pack

Custom shaders pack for Assetto Corsa is the backbone of implementing new effects, looks and weather into Assetto Corsa. It is required to run Sol above and can be quickly installed directly from Content Manager. Simply download the zip file from the link below, and drag and drop it into Content Manager to install it.

This Assetto Corsa mod will add a host of new settings into AC, so many settings in fact that it has its own dedicated settings pages within Content Manager.

Assetto Corsa Custom Shader Pack Mod

Custom shaders pack is a complete graphics overhaul. It brings physical weather into Assetto Corsa allowing rain to fall and hit your car. This can trigger your windscreen to get covered in water, requiring wipers to clear it. This mod will also add a complete day and night cycle along with introducing a weather schedule.

On top of the weather additions, custom shaders pack adds a host of graphical upgrades from physical particle effects, to new ways to adjust filters and the way Assetto Corsa looks. Much like the two Assetto Corsa mods above, Custom shaders pack is a mod that I would highly recommend downloading right away.

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Download custom shaders pack

4. Race Sim Studio Formula Hybrid 2022

The next mod is the first car mod that I’m going to recommend for Assetto Corsa. Once you have established a good baseline of mods including Content Manager, Custom Shaders Pack and Sol above, you can start to introduce new cars and tracks into Assetto Corsa.

Race Sim Studio is a company that offers some of the very best Assetto Corsa car mods around. One of our favourites is the Formula Hybrid 2022. This mod was incredibly good as it allowed us to race with the new 2022 spec Formula 1 car well before we could in F1 22.

The beauty of Assetto Corsa car mods from Race Sim Studio is that they are so incredibly detailed, from the overall car model to the sound and performance of each individual car.

The Formula Hybrid 2022 is a pretty accurate rendition of the 2022 Formula 1 car spec that was laid out by the FIA. It isn’t an exact model of each team’s car, but with liveries available, you can use this car mod to race against a full grid of 2022 or 2023 Formula 1 cars.

As well as this 2022 Formula Hybrid car mod, Race Sim Studio also offer a wide range of other car mods, from historic cars to modern GT cars. All of these are incredibly detailed, and they currently offer a complete bundle where you can buy every mod ever released for a discounted price.

Download Formula Hybrid 2022

5. Targo Florio

Next up we have the first track mod that I’d recommend for Assetto Corsa, although calling Targo Florio a track mod is a bit of an understatement. This mod adds the complete 72km Targo Florio course, with a few different layouts included.

Assetto Corsa Targo Florio Mod

Targo Florio was a huge endurance race in the 1970s and earlier, that had drivers racing through the Sicilian mountains on public roads. This track is notoriously difficult and takes anywhere from half an hour to over an hour to complete a single lap depending on which car you are driving.

To put this track into perspective, a full loop is over 3 and a half times longer than the infamous Nordschleife. And it consists of winding mountain passes, switchbacks and difficult skinny sections of track.

This track in Assetto Corsa is huge and provides a real test of car control, especially if attempting it in a high-performing car such as a modern F1 or prototype car.

Download Targo Florio

6. Protech P91 Hybrid Evo

And while I’m talking about prototype cars, the next Assetto Corsa mod I’m going to recommend is another car mod. This car mod is of the incredibly fast Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo, just named differently to avoid any licensing issues.

The Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo is one of the fastest-ever modern racecars, being faster than a modern Formula 1 car, and currently holds the lap record around the Nordschleife of just 5:19.55 minutes.

Protech P91 Hybrid Evo for AC mod

Much like the Formula Hybrid 2022 above, just as much care and attention have gone into this Protech P61 car mod for Assetto Corsa. It is a very accurate recreation of the real-world car that it is based on, and the physics and performance have been tailored to be as accurate as possible.

This car has 711 horsepower, and is capable of 0-60 in 2.2 seconds, with a top speed of 230mph. This is a car that is designed to go incredibly quickly, with extreme levels of downforce. If you’re wanting to go incredibly fast in Assetto Corsa, then this is the mod for you.

Download the Protech P61 Hybrid Evo

7. RSS GT Pack

Following on from the Porsche 919 Hybrid Evo car mod above, the next mod for Assetto Corsa is also by Race Sim Studio. This car mod pack adds 6 new cars to Assetto Corsa, all of which are fire-breathing GT cars from the 1990s and early 2000s.

RSS GT Pack mod for Assetto Corsa

This era of GT cars was possibly one of the very best, with cars having screaming V8, V10 and V12 engines, and being a complete handful to drive fast.

This pack of 6 cars includes recreations of the Ferrari 550, Ferrari 575, Dodge Viper GTS-R, Saleen S7-R, Lister Storm and Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT.

Be warned, these cars are all incredibly difficult to drive, with many being fairly rear-happy under acceleration. But they are from the golden era of high-performance supercars, making them a fantastic throwback.

Download the GT Pack

8. Project Touge

Next up, we have another track mod for Assetto Corsa, and this one is heaven for those who like to drift in Assetto Corsa. Project Touge is a massive free roam map that consists of 48km of track.

The intention of this mod is to give drifters a free roam paradise to hone their skills and create runs both in single player and online.

The map itself consists of various hilltop climbs and descents featuring classic switchbacks and hairpins. There’s also a range of flat track to give drifters a wide variety of areas to explore. And the map itself is created to a good level of detail with 3D trees and high-quality textures.

While the download size of this Assetto Corsa mod is relatively large, it is certainly worth it, giving sim racers and drifters hours upon hours of fun, especially if going sideways is your thing.

Download Project Touge

9. 2REAL Traffic Simulation

The next Assetto Corsa mod that I’m going to recommend is a little bit different to all of the others so far. You may have seen some videos online of sim racers driving incredibly fast, weaving in and out of traffic on real roads in Assetto Corsa.

The 2Real traffic mod is the Assetto Corsa mod that allows these videos to be made. It adds realistic traffic simulation into Assetto Corsa, with up to 1000 cars being added to a single map.

There are a variety of different tracks that feature the 2Real traffic simulation, with each map featuring different speed zones across the map. Each with working intersections and traffic lights causing realistic traffic flows.

This mod allows drivers to weave in and out of traffic at whichever speed they prefer, across a map that recreates realistic roads and highways, and even some maps from other games such as the Need For Speed series. This mod is incredibly impressive, especially given the high number of simulated cars that can be included in a session.

This Assetto Corsa traffic mod gives those who like open-world games such as Need For Speed and GTA a playground using the much more realistic Assetto Corsa physics engine.

Download 2REAL

10. Real F1 car mods (Historic & Modern)

The final mod I’m going to recommend for Assetto Corsa isn’t a single mod at all. It’s actually a collection of mods, by a company called Sim Dream Development. SDD offer a wide variety of Assetto Corsa car mods that span across different motorsport disciplines and include street cars.

However, the mods I would highly recommend trying out are the many Formula 1 mods. There are plenty of digital recreations of real Formula 1 cars. You’ll find F1 cars from a wide range of time periods.

Formula 2009 Season mod Assetto Corsa

There are legendary cars from the mid-2000s including Jenson Button’s championship-winning Brawn F1 car. You’ll also find Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull RB5, various Williams and Renault cars, and even the 2023 Ferrari SF-23.

If you aren’t a fan of the F1 22 game, there are recreations of every 2022 Formula 1 car available, allowing you to accurately recreate a full 2022 Formula 1 grid to race against. And I’m sure given time, we will see every 2023 Formula 1 car added.

Download real F1 car mods

How to install Assetto Corsa mods with Content Manager

As mentioned above, Content Manager completely changes how easy it is to install mods in Assetto Corsa and to manage the mods you have installed.

Content Manager features a very intuitive drag-and-drop system. This lets those who are less technically minded, or find installing mods a daunting task, an easy way to mod Assetto Corsa.

Below is a quick rundown of how to install mods to Assetto Corsa using Content Manager. We have a full AC mod installation guide available that runs through this process in more detail which you can read here.

Step 1 – Download and install Content Manager

The first step is to download and install Content Manager. You can download it from To install it, unzip it and then use the .exe file to install the mod.

After installing, if it is the first time you’ve installed Content Manager, follow the instructions to correctly set up the mod. You will be prompted to locate your Assetto Corsa directory to complete the installation.

Step 2 – Download any mod

The next step is to download any of the mods above. Most Assetto Corsa mods are compatible with Content Manager’s streamlined install process, and most will say this is in the mod description.

Step 3 – Install the mod using Content Manager

After downloading a compatible mod, simply drag the .zip file into the Content Manager UI. You will see a notification using the hamburger menu in the top right showing the installation process. Once the installation is complete the mod will be active and ready to use.

Step 4 – Enjoy the mod

The final step is to launch an Assetto Corsa session and try out the mod.

How to install Assetto Corsa mods without Content Manager

If you don’t currently use content manager (you should start as it is so good), you can still install mods. There is slightly more leg work involved though as you have to manually install them to the Assetto Corsa folders.

I won’t touch on how to do that in this guide, as we created a whole guide on specifically how to install Assetto Corsa mods, which you can read here.

Where to find Assetto Corsa mods?

One of the very best places to find Assetto Corsa mods is at RaceDepartment. Here you will be able to filter mods and find 1,000s of different mods to download for Assetto Corsa. There are a huge number of different mods including complete apps that affect the core Assetto Corsa experience, to new cars, liveries, tracks and more.

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