Best Assetto Corsa Logitech G923 Force Feedback Settings

The Logitech G923 is one of the best racing wheels to start your sim racing journey, and Assetto Corsa is one of the most popular sim racing titles. Here are our recommended force feedback settings for the G923 with Assetto Corsa.

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Assetto Corsa Content Manager Wheel Settings

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If you are looking for the best racing game to get into sim racing, then the original Assetto Corsa should be near the top of your list. It is a racing game that boasts some of the best driving physics of any racing sim despite its age.

It is also widely supported by the community, with thousands of Assetto Corsa mods available. And finally, because of it being around for nearly a decade, it can be picked up relatively cheap across all platforms, PC, Xbox and PS5.

The one thing that does make Assetto Corsa that much more enjoyable and immersive is a racing wheel. The Logitech G923 is a fantastic budget-friendly racing wheel and is an excellent choice for Assetto Corsa. In this guide, I’ll run through our optimised force feedback settings for the Logitech G923 in Assetto Corsa.

Racing Wheel – Logitech G923
Compatibility – PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox Series X|S
Price – £379/$399
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How to change force feedback settings in Assetto Corsa

Changing the force feedback settings in Assetto Corsa will differ depending on whether you are racing on a PC or console. On Xbox or PlayStation, you will need to navigate through the old Assetto Corsa UI, whereas PC sim racers have the option of installing the free Content Manager mod for Assetto Corsa, which totally overhauls the UI.

Using the original AC menu (Xbox & PS5)

  1. Start Assetto Corsa and navigate to options.
  2. Select controls.
  3. Ensure you select wheel/custom in the top right of the screen.
  4. Bind your controls, so your steering wheel and pedals are working.
  5. Set your degrees of rotation to 900°.
  6. Select the advanced sub-menu.
  7. Input the recommended settings below.
  8. Select the secondary sub-menu.
  9. Assign your button mapping.

Using Content Manager on PC

  1. Start Content Manager for AC, and select settings in the top right of the screen.
  2. Select Assetto Corsa on the left of the screen, and then controls.
  3. Input our recommended settings below.
  4. Save your profile using the bottom right button.

Logitech G923 Assetto Corsa Force Feedback Settings

Below are our recommended wheel settings for the Logitech G923 in Assetto Corsa. These can be applied on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, although the G Hub settings should only be used if racing on PC.

G Hub settings

  • Operating Range: 900°
  • Sensitivity: 95
  • Centering Spring: Off

Assetto Corsa in-game settings

  • Degrees: 900°
  • Gamma: 1.00
  • Filter: 0.00
  • Speed Sensitivity: 0.00
  • Gain: 100%
  • Minimum Force: 0%
  • Kerb Effect: 70%
  • Road Effect: 25%
  • Slip Effect: 0%
  • ABS Effect: 25%
  • Enhanced Understeer Effect: Disabled
  • Half FFB Update Rate: Disabled

How to setup the Logitech G923 wheel in Assetto Corsa

Below I’ll look at how to set up the Logitech G923 to work in Assetto Corsa.

  1. Connect your wheel to your PC, Xbox or PS5

    You should have a single USB cable that runs from the rear of your Logitech G923 into your PC or console. This will form the connection, then you simply have to connect the power to your racing wheel for it to be fully connected.

  2. Download G Hub and update your G923

    This step only applies if you are racing on a PC. If you are racing on Xbox or PlayStation, you can skip this step as your wheel will already be correctly configured.

    On PC, head over to Logitech’s support website and download G Hub. This software will allow you to update your G923 and change a few settings.

    Once you have G Hub installed, select the image of your racing wheel, click the settings icon in the top right and then check for updates.

    Logitech G923 G Hub Settings

  3. Adjust your G923 settings in G Hub

    Again, this step only applies to PC sim racers. Once your wheel is up to date, head over to the left menu where you will be able to change a few wheel settings. Use our recommended settings below for this step.

  4. Change the in-game force feedback settings in Assetto Corsa

    The next step is to change your force feedback settings in Assetto Corsa. This is done in game by accessing the settings menu. Use our recommendations below.

    If you are racing on a PC, I would highly recommend downloading the free Content Manager app. This will allow you a lot more freedom to adjust in-game settings from a much cleaner UI.

  5. Change button mapping

    The final step is to ensure your racing wheel buttons are configured how you would like them to be. You can change your button mapping to control your car using the buttons on the front of your Logitech racing wheel.

Can these settings be used with the Logitech G29 & G920?

While the Logitech G923 is a newer and improved version of the G29 and G920, these settings can still be used with the older Logitech racing wheels. The G923 sees the addition of TrueForce, however, that isn’t natively supported in Assetto Corsa due to the game being released before the G923.

Assetto Corsa wheel settings explained


The degrees setting in Assetto Corsa changes your steering wheels maximum rotation. Setting this to 900° will work best for most wheels, although some wheels have an extended range of 1080°. This is the maximum rotation angle, and you won’t be able to rotate the wheel past this angle.


The gamma setting changes your steering linearity. Leaving this set to 1.00 will give you true 1:1 steering. If your degrees of rotation is set to 900°, you will have perfect steering in-game. You can increase or decrease this to change the speed that your in-game steering wheel rotates.


The filter setting in Assetto Corsa will work to smooth out your force feedback. This can be helpful with some racing wheels, especially more powerful direct drive wheels, to help create smooth force feedback. Generally, this should be set low or to zero to feel all of the force feedback detail.

Speed Sensitivity

The speed sensitivity setting will change your steering speed at higher speeds. Leave this to zero for true-to-life steering.


Your gain setting acts as an overall strength setting. You should leave this to 100% in Assetto Corsa, and instead, make adjustments to your wheel’s strength using the G Hub settings.

Minimum Force

The minimum force setting will boost the force of your racing wheel, which can be helpful if using less powerful racing wheels such as the Logitech G923.

Kerb Effect

The kerb effect changes how the force feedback reacts to you driving over kerbs. A stronger value here will increase the amount of force feedback that is generated when you drive over kerbs. This along with road effects are really a personal preference, but with the Logitech G923, I like this set pretty high.

If the kerbs are causing too much vibration and shaking with your racing wheel, lower this setting.

Road Effect

Road effects are similar to kerb effects but it changes how much detail you feel in the road. This one should be set much lower than kerb effects to avoid your wheel constantly shaking while driving on the track.

Slip Effect

The slip effect setting in Assetto Corsa is best to be set to zero or close to it. Essentially it causes vibration and force feedback in your racing wheel as your wheels start to slip across the track. This will indicate when you are understeering or losing traction but can be slightly off-putting in some scenarios.

ABS Effect

The ABS effect will cause some vibration and force feedback when you start to lock a wheel. Your ABS will kick in and you will feel this in the force feedback.

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