Assetto Corsa Competizione Rating Explained – How to Increase Your Safety Rating

Assetto Corsa Competizione Ratings Explained

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When you first jump in to your very first practice sessions in Assetto Corsa Competizione, you will start to notice the rating system. This is a set of ratings, which are visible in the top right of your HUD.

There are six important ratings, which will we will break down below. This guide will show you what each rating is and how to improve each one.

We will then go on to show you quick methods of improving that ever so important safety rating.

ACC Rating Overview

As you progress through a practice session on a new track for the first time, you will see different objectives appearing in the top right of your HUD.

These objectives, such as perform 3 clean laps, are all linked to your ratings. As you put in more laps on a certain track, your ratings will increase.

Your rating in ACC is broken down in to a few sections. Each individual rating is increased by performing well in certain aspects on the track. Some require you to be fast, while some require you to drive consistently.

To improve all areas of your rating, you will need to participate in various different game modes. For example, you can increase your track competence in practice mode. But you will be required to race against other drivers to improve your safety rating.

Below are all of the ratings broken down, with a guide on how to increase each one.

Track Competence

The very first rating that you will start to notice in practice, is the track competence rating. This appears the first time that you drive any track in game.

ACC Improve Track Competence Rating

In a nutshell, the track competence rating is the indicator for how well you know a track, and how much experience you have on it.

This comes in the form of earning track medals, which you earn for achieving certain objectives. These objectives are fantastic for new drivers, and they give real time feedback on your current driving.

How to improve track competence rating

The best way to improve your track competence rating is to simply drive a track. The more laps you put in, the higher your rating will go.

To actually increase your rating, you will need to meet certain objectives. These are visible in the top right hand corner of your HUD while you are practicing on a track.

The objectives that you need to meet to earn track medals, slowly get harder. They start with simply, completing a single clean laps. Then they quickly progress up to you completely 4 clean laps without making a mistake.

Once you have earned the final track competence medal, you are finished with the track competence rating for that track. You can proceed to increasing your consistency rating for the same track, or you can switch track to earn the track medals for every other track in game.

We would recommend sticking with the single track, and working your way through the next ratings before jumping to a different track.


The consistency rating is unlocked once you earn the track competence medals, and is the rating of your overall consistency.

One of the most important aspects of sim racing in any game, not just Assetto Corsa Competizione, is to be able to drive multiple laps consistently.

ACC Improve Consistency Rating

Many drivers in sim racing say that they would rather drive against a consistent racer, than a fast but wild racer. It is much better to work on consistently getting around a track without mistakes before you start pushing your speed to the limit.

You will notice the consistency rating in the top right of your HUD, after you complete your track competence medals.

What it does is, it will give you live feedback on your driving style, both in the form of a colour rating, and written feedback.

As you drive every corner on a track, the rating system will start to feedback with colours from blue to orange to green.

If you drive each corner at the same speed, and take  the same racing line, the feedback will confirm this with a green icon. You will also notice a small bit of text underneath the colour codes, which will say “good corner”, “good speed” etc.

Pay attention to this as it will also tell you if you are driving too aggressively, or too slowly.

How to increase consistency rating

The best way to improve your consistency rating is to put in laps in a practice session. You should try to drive at a reasonable pace, but certainly not flat out.

Your main goal should  be to take the same racing line in to every corner, and ensure you are braking at the same point on the track.

The more rhythm you gain, and the more your braking, cornering and speed matches around a lap, the higher your consistency rating will be.

Try to be sure not to push yourself too much, because if you lose control of the car, or come off track, your rating will start to drop.

Car Control

The car control rating is the final driver rating which you can increase during a practice session.

Car control simply means how well you drive your car at pace. The more you push, and the faster pace you exhibit, the higher your car control rating will become. This is only true as long as you aren’t over driving your car.

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ACC Improve Car Control Rating

If you push yourself too hard, lose control, steer to aggressively, your rating will start to drop. Essentially you need to keep a good balance of pace and control.

In a similar fashion to the consistency rating, the car control HUD will give real time feedback through every corner.

If you drive too aggressively, it will show up as orange and red, and it will negatively affect your rating.

If you drive too slowly, it will show up as blue, and also reduce your rating.

That sweet spot of green, is right in between driving too slowly, and over driving the car.

How to improve your car control rating

The best, and only way to improve your car control rating, is to fully learn a track, and be able to drive that track at a good pace.

Unlike the consistency rating, you wont be able to drive slower than usual to increase your rating. Instead, you will need to push yourself to come up to a certain pace.

This rating, along with the consistency rating, will be a great help in becoming a faster driver. If you look at the real time feedback after every corner, you can start to understand how you can improve your driving.

It will flash up with messages such as “steering too much” or “too aggressive” which allow you to correct your mistake on the next lap.

You should actively use this feedback to improve your overall driving style, and this rating will quickly become your best friend.


The next three ratings are the competitive ratings. Unlike the first three ratings above, you can only improve these ratings by competing against other drivers, and in special events.

ACC Improve Pace Rating

The pace rating is solely based on special events, and your speed in these events. You will find the special events tab in the main menu, and these are leaderboard based events.

The faster you are in these events, the higher you will be on the global leaderboard, and the higher your pace rating will be.

How to improve your pace rating

The best way to improve your pace rating is to simply participate in the special events, and perform well. Now, that is easier said than done, but if you pick events that suit you, you can fast track this process.

There are always a selection of a few special events at any one time. And these range from pace based hotlap events, and superpole events. Through to longer consistency based events such as hotstint.

If you jump in to the special events tab every time you boot up ACC, you can see if there are any events taking place on tracks that you are confident on.

By cherry picking special events like this, you will have a better chance of putting in competitive times. And in return, your pace rating will improve faster.

Safety Rating

The safety rating is without a doubt, the most important rating in Assetto Corsa Competizione. Just like consistency, your overall safety on the track is the most important aspect, especially if you want to race online against real opposition.

ACC Improve Safety Rating

If you jump in to an online lobby and cause accidents left, right and center, you wont be very popular with other drivers. Instead, you should focus the majority of your time in ACC, to perfecting your racing consistency and safety. This should almost certainly come before trying to be the quickest driver on track.

The importance of this rating comes when you start racing in public lobbies. As the safety rating will dictate the type of opponents you face in the online lobbies of ACC. If you have a terrible safety rating, you are likely to teamed up with other drivers with low safety ratings, making for a horrible online race.

To quickly explain what your SA rating is, your safety rating is your overall rating of how close you can drive to other racers without causing any incident.

The closer you drive to other drivers without making contact, the better your safety rating will be. If you do make contact, or cause accidents on track, you will receive a penalty to your safety rating.

How to improve your safety rating

This is probably the most asked question we get when talking about Assetto Corsa competizione. And that is because it is one of the hardest ratings to actually increase.

Not only do you have to tick all of the boxes to actually increase your safety rating. You then need to continue to tick the boxes to ensure you don’t get penalised and lower your safety rating.

The quickest way to improve your safety rating is through single player quick races. Your goal to increase your safety rating quickly, is to drive closely to the AI drivers, and stay clean throughout the whole race.

The reason we choose the single player quick races is that everything here is under your control. You decide the track, the conditions, and the skill of your opponents.

By removing as many variables as possible, you can focus entirely on driving clean laps while remaining close to other drivers.

When setting up your quick race, you should opt for a car and track combination that you feel comfortable with.

And you should also opt for a longer race distance. Say above 20 minutes or so. The longer the race, the more of a rhythm you can get in to, and the more you can increase your safety rating.

Forget about the practice and qualifying sessions, and instead set your starting position to around the middle of the grid.

Remember, the goal is to drive close to other drivers while not making contact. So a starting position of the middle of the grid, puts you near other cars immediately.

You can always lower the AI difficulty if you don’t want to have to push too hard. This will let you focus on following other drivers closely.

Don’t forget, the lower the AI difficulty, the earlier they will brake in to corners. So don’t lower it too far to the point where you are out-braking other drivers. This could lead to accidents, and a lower safety rating.

Remember your main goals to increase your safety rating are;

  • Drive clean laps, making no contact.
  • Drive within half a second of the car in front of you.

When trying to improve your safety rating, you aren’t trying to win a race. Instead you just want to drive as close to other cars as possible.

A few tips are to find a car with a slightly slower pace than yours, and just follow them. You can also pull along side for an overtake, and brake early in to a corner so they stay in front.


The final rating, racecraft, measures your performance against other drivers during races.

As you compete against other drivers, both in single player and multiplayer, your racecraft will slowly increase. It is measured by how safely, and competitively you compete against other drivers, and isn’t measured on your final result.

The racecraft rating, is the slowest of all the ratings to increase. This is because, one of the key factors in your racecraft rating, is the amount of hours you spend on track.

How to improve racecraft rating

This wont increase simply by overtaking low skilled AI drivers. Instead you need to demonstrate consistent clean racing against other skilled drivers.

Your best bet when trying to improve your racecraft rating, is to forget about it all together. Focus instead on your racing, and your pace.

If you ensure that you tick the boxes in every other rating category, such as putting in clean consistent laps, while racing fairly with other drivers. Your racecraft rating will naturally improve.

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