Race The Full 2024 Formula One Season Today: Assetto Corsa Mod Guide

You can race the complete 2024 Formula 1 season today using a selection of Assetto Corsa mods. This guide runs through how to find and install these 2024 F1 season mods, including links to the 2024 F1 car, liveries and tracks.

McLaren MCL38 Livery

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At the time of writing, we may still be over a month away from the start of the 2024 Formula 1 season, and a good few months away from the release of the F1 24 game. However, you can start racing the entire 2024 Formula 1 season today using Assetto Corsa and a few mods.

In this guide, I’ll run through how and where to find all of the 2024 F1 car liveries, as well as all of the tracks that are on the 2024 calendar. Combine these elements and you’ll be able to set up a custom 2024 Formula 1 season within Assetto Corsa and take your favourite driver to the championship win!

How to get the 2024 Formula 1 car in Assetto Corsa

The first piece of the puzzle is acquiring the 2024 Formula 1 car model in Assetto Corsa. The base game doesn’t include this, so we have to use our first mod to acquire it.

The best option here is to use the Formula Hybrid 2023 car model from Race Sim Studios. This is a car model based on the 2023 F1 car, however, with a few updated liveries, it works just as well for the 2024 season. The beauty of this mod is that the guys at Race Sim Studio have put a lot of time into ensuring the car drives and sounds close to the real-world Formula 1 car.

It is important to note that this is a premium mod, but it is the only premium mod used in this guide. And the good news is that it is relatively affordable at just £2.67 currently, reduced from £3.99.

With this mod downloaded as the basis of our F1 2024 season, we can install it into Assetto Corsa and start adding other assets such as the 2024 F1 car liveries and tracks.

How to add the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 into Assetto Corsa

Before we add any liveries or tracks, we need to add the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 car model into Assetto Corsa. The best way to do this is to use Content Manager for Assetto Corsa. This is a free app that replaces the original game launcher and makes customising Assetto Corsa and installing mods incredibly easy.

I’d recommend reading our guide on how to install mods to Assetto Corsa for an in-depth guide on how to set up Content Manager. In that guide, I run through the step-by-step process of downloading and installing Content Manager, as well as showing how to install any mod incredibly easily.

For now, I’ll continue this guide assuming you have Content Manager installed. If you don’t, go ahead and read our Assetto Corsa mod guide.

With Content Manager open, and the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 car mod downloaded, you can simply drag and drop the downloaded zip file into Content Manager. You will then see the mod installing automatically in the sidebar. Once complete, you’ll be able to race the Formula Hybrid 2023 right away.

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This process of dragging and dropping mod files into Content Manager is the method I’d recommend installing all Assetto Corsa mods for the rest of this guide. You can use this method to add the 2024 F1 liveries and tracks into the game.

Download all 2024 F1 car liveries

Now that all Formula 1 teams have revealed their 2024 liveries, we can download the liveries into Assetto Corsa. Content creators have been busy ensuring that they replicate the livery in game extremely quickly which is incredibly impressive.

The liveries that I’d recommend using are from the user Shadow118. You can find all of their 2024 F1 liveries on Race Department where you can download them free of charge. These liveries are very accurate representations of the official liveries that each F1 team revealed recently.

Below are links to each 2024 car livery that every team has released. If you enjoy using these liveries, I’d recommend buying Shadow118 a coffee or making a small donation to show appreciation!

TeamCarLivery Download
Red BullRB20Download
Aston MartinAMR24Download
Visa Cash App RBVCARB01Download
Stake F1C44Download

To make your racing experience even more immersive, you can also add the 2024 steering wheels into Assetto Corsa. These use the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 steering wheel model, but they add the 2024 F1 team logos to them for added realism.

You can download the 2024 F1 steering wheel mod here.

How to install 2024 F1 liveries to Assetto Corsa

Installing all of these liveries is just as simple as installing the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 car mod that I mentioned above. With Content Manager installed and open, you can simply drag and drop the zip file from your File Explorer window into Content Manager. It will then automatically unpackage and install the livery, ready to use right away.

Download the 2024 Formula 1 tracks

The final part of creating the entire 2024 Formula 1 season in Assetto Corsa is to add all of the tracks that feature on the 2024 calendar. Some tracks are already in Assetto Corsa, making them very easy to add to a custom championship. You can find graphics packs for existing Assetto Corsa tracks that add 2023 and 2024 track graphics and sponsor boards to the track.

For tracks that aren’t in Assetto Corsa including newer tracks like Las Vegas, we’ll need to use custom mods. These are trickier to find than car liveries as there is a lot of work involved in recreating a track accurately from scratch. However, there are content creators who have done just this.

You can download all tracks individually, however, finding a good mod for every track can be time-consuming. To make installing the 2024 Formula 1 season to Assetto Corsa quicker, I would recommend using an entire season mod.

User Cozy61 on Race Department has a complete 2022 F1 season mod which adds a variety of content to Assetto Corsa. This mod includes all tracks or links to all tracks from the 2022 F1 season as well as a range of graphical mods.

Many of the tracks in the 2022 Formula 1 season are in the 2024 season. I would recommend using this as the basis for our 2024 F1 season and then downloading the missing tracks individually.

TrackDownload Link
2022 Season ModDownload
Las VegasDownload


Using all of the mods above, you can set up a custom 2024 Formula One championship inside Assetto Corsa. You can further customise your championship by renaming all drivers, adding the correct helmets and adjusting the AI difficulty to represent the difference in car and driver performance.

Assetto Corsa and the RSS Formula Hybrid 2023 car provide one of the best F1 driving experiences possible due to its heavy emphasis on simulation. This is a fantastic way to start racing with this year’s cars and drivers before the release of the official F1 24 game.

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