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This page is your hub for everything about Asetek. Below, we have compiled a range of product guides, how-to tutorials and setting guides for Asetek Sim Sports products along with information about Asetek.

Asetek Sim Sports Sim Racing Guides

Below are some of our top Asetek guides and resources. These include information about the Asetek product lineup, detailing the difference between the La Prima, Forte and Invicta product ranges. There are also quick links for the best place to purchase Asetek produts and more.

Where To Buy Asetek Products

The best place to buy Asetek Racing products is from their own web shop. Asetek sell their products globally, meaning you can use their own web shop to purchase products from the US or Europe. The links below are affiliate links. Using thes links won't affect the price you pay, but will earn us a small commission. Thankyou to everyone who has used one of our affiliate links in the past!

Asetek Sim Sports Product Guides

Below are the most recent Asetek guides. These include product guides and comparison along with how to guides on setting up Asetek wheels. We also have a range of articles for specific Asetek force feedback settings for a range of sim titles such as iRacing, F1 23, Assetto Corsa Competizione and more.

Asetek Frequently Asked Questions

Your most commonly asked Asetek questions answered.

What is the difference between Asetek La Prima, Forte and Invicta?

Asetek offers three different product ranges, the La Prima, the Forte and the Invicta range. Each of these increases in both performance and price. The La Prima is the entry-level product range offering the most affordable products. The Forte is the mid-range product lineup, and the Invicta product range is the most premium and best-performing sim racing products that Asetek offer.

Are Asetek Sim Sports a new sim racing brand?

Asetek has been around for over 20 years selling some of the best liquid coolers around. A couple of years ago, they branched into sim racing and created Asetek Sim Sports. Since then, they have released a variety of sim racing products from pedals to wheel bases and sim racing wheels.

Where can I buy Asetek products in the UK, USA & Canada?

Asetek sells its products directly from its own web store. They ship products globally, meaning the best place to purchase is directly from them, no matter whether you’re based in the UK, Europe, the US or anywhere else globally.