F1 22 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Below are links to a variety of resources to help you learn the tracks in F1 22 and improve your lap times. Click the links below to quickly see our recommended car setup for Abu Dhabi, along with a track guide and car setups from other members of our community.

Abu Dhabi Track Map

Yas Marina Circuit

Lap Records

1:26.103 Official F1 Record
1:23.537 F1 22 Lap Record
5.281 km Circuit Length

Circuit Information

Yas Marina Circuit had a big makeover for F1 22 featuring a revised layout. The updated layout removed a few slower corners including the slow chicane at the end of the second sector. Instead, it now has a few faster longer corners. This increased the average speed throughout a lap and took away some emphasis on a higher downforce car setup.

F1 22 Abu Dhabi Optimised Dry Setup

Here is our recommended Abu Dhabi car setup for dry conditions in F1 22. This car setup is designed for long distance races, and isn't a single lap time trial setup designed to top the F1 22 leaderboards. This Abu Dhabi car setup was created using a racing wheel but can be used with controllers.

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F1 22 Abu Dhabi Community Setups

Below are all of the car setups for Abu Dhabi in F1 22 that have been created by our community. These include both race and time trial car setups, along with dry and wet weather setups. Click into any of the F1 22 Abu Dhabi car setups in the leaderboard below to view the setup used.

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