Our Sim Racing Gear Recommendations

To really enjoy sim racing, you need to pick up a racing wheel and set of pedals. But there is a whole world beyond that. Our product recommendation hub is the perfect place to find the best sim racing gear recommendations.

Below we have laid out the most useful articles and guides to help you through your sim racing journey. Whether you are a beginner sim racer, or a seasoned professional, there are guides that will help.

Beginner Sim Racing Product Guides

If you are new to sim racing, you should look to start here. The guides below will run you through the ins and outs of the best beginner sim racing products available for various consoles.

Racing Wheels & Steering Wheels

If you are looking for a racing wheel with a specific requirement, check out these guides below. These articles are written about specific racing wheels, to bring you the best recommendations.

Sim Racing Peripherals

There is a whole world beyond racing wheels and pedals when it comes to sim racing. Check out these guides which talk about other products that are often needed when sim racing.