SRS Driving School

The driving techniques part of our Sim Racing Setups Academy is focused solely on helping you progress your sim racing skillset. All of the guides and videos below will help you improve your overall speed, understanding of different driving techniques and your on-track awareness.

F1 22 Beginner Tutorials

The first place to start when learning F1 22 is with our beginner F1 22 tutorials. These will run you through the basics of F1 22, including its various mechanics and intricacies.

The guides and videos below will help you learn to drive F1 22 without assists enabled, and will explain some mechanics such as ERS, traction control and more.

F1 22 Advanced Tutorials

Once you have mastered how to race in F1 22 without assists, and you've completed all of our tutorials in the beginners section above, you can move onto more advanced F1 22 tutorials.

The guides, videos and tutorials below will run you through more advanced techniques in F1 22.

These will allow you to become a more well-rounded racer, along with helping you have an understanding of how to create a car setup, and how to improve your car setup for different scenarios.

F1 22 Settings Guides

To really master F1 22, you need to have your settings set just right. Having a good feel for your car using a controller or racing wheel is vitally important to success.

Here are all of our F1 22 settings guides for various controllers and racing wheels. We've also included guides on setting the most realistic camera settings in F1 22.

Our Latest F1 22 Guides & Tutorials

Below you will find all of our latest F1 22 guides, tutorials, videos and helpful resources.