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Welcome to the Sim Racing Setups Academy. Sim Racing Setups is the go-to resource for sim racers looking to improve. We have a wide range of written guides, videos, track guides, car setups and more.

All of our resources are designed to help you improve as a sim racer. You'll find everything from the most optimised and recommended car setups for F1 22, through to detailed track guides, circuit information, telemetry and more.

How To Get Started

To get started improving in F1 22, navigate through the tabs at the top of the screen. These are your quick links to each part of our Sim Racing Setups Academy. These will allow you to quickly navigate through various resources and find the information that will help you unlock hidden lap time.

F1 22 Track Guides

A Whole World Of Sim Racing Resources

We've built up a large library of resources to help you improve as a sim racer. We have hundreds of written guides and videos that you will help you develop as a sim racer. Our academy is the go-to resource for sim racers looking to improve.

How To Guides & Tutorials

Our library of how to guides and tutorials will run you through the ins and outs of sim racing. They'll help you learn different driving techniques, optimal racing lines and rcing etiquette.

Easy To Access Training

We have a variety of training guides and videos that will teach you the ins and outs of real driving and motor racing techniques that you can apply to sim racing in F1 22, Assetto Corsa Competizione and other racing sims.

Become Faster On Track in F1 22

Our goal at Sim Racing Setups is to ultimately help sim racers around the world enjoy sim racing to the fullest, and improve their skill set to become a faster and well-rounded driver.

You can use our track guides, circuit info and optimised car setups to help you improve your lap times in F1 22.

Track Guides

We've created a series of detailed track guides to help you learn every track in F1 22. Includes your exact braking zones, racing lines and tips on overtaking.

Car Setups

Our optimised F1 22 car setups are designed to allow you to focus on attacking each circuit in F1 22 without spending hours tinkering in the garage.
MOZA FSR Wheel Gameplay
MOZA FSR Steering wheel

Recommended Sim Racing Gear

One of the big barriers to sim racing can be the sheer amount of sim racing gear available. It can be hard to navigate through all of the products on offer to really nail down just exactly what you require.

Beginner Product Recommendations

If you're starting out sim racing, you don't need to worry about button boxes, 8020 rigs and triple screens. We have a range of guides and videos that are designed to help you take your first steps into the world of sim racing. We break down exactly what you need to go racing, and help decipher some complex sim racing terminology.

Advanced Product Recommendations

You may be looking to improve your sim racing setup to help you improve your setup, your skill set or both. We have written a selection of product guides and created videos detailing what products you should consider as you improve. We've been lucky enough to put the latest sim racing wheels and products through their paces, to help you compare and decide which products could be right for you.

Join Our Community Discord

The best place to get helpful advice on all things sim racing is in our dedicated Discord server. Here you can chat with like minded sim racers and Formula 1 fans. You'll find helpful advice from fellow sim racers on product recommendations, driving techniques and car setups, and you'll have a great place to discuss the latest and greatest Formula 1 news!