Best F1 22 Thrustmaster Force Feedback Settings: T248, T128, T818 + More

Here are the best Thrustmaster F1 22 wheel settings for ta range of Thrustmaster wheels. These include the best F1 22 settings for the T248, T818 & more.

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Our goal is to feature the best car setups from around the F1 22, Assetto Corsa Competizione, and sim racing community. You'll find setups from racers at the top of the world leaderboards and e-sport professionals to help improve your times.

Alongside sim racing setups created by the whole community for a wide range of situations such as tyre management race setups and practice programme specific setups.

Sim Racing Setups FAQ's

Your most frequently asked sim racing setup questions answered.

Who creates the F1 22 setups on SimRacingSetups?

All of the F1 22 setups created on SimRacingSetups are community made, with a selection being created by myself, Mjolnir who has raced in various esports competitions.

Can I upload my own F1 22 car setup?

Yes! You can upload your own car setups by visiting our 'Upload Setup' page. Click the page, create a free account and then our setup uploader will easily guide you through the process. Once uploaded your F1 22 setups can be rated by our community.

Do these setups work on controller and wheel?

Each setup has an icon which shows which controller method the original user used. You'll see a small controller icon for a setup that has been created on Xbox or PS4/PS5, and a small wheel icon for setups created with a racing wheel. Generally, that particular setup would have been designed to work on the original controller method, but can be used across all controller types.

Do you have a setup for every track in F1 22?

We have at least a few custom setups for every single track in F1 22, and most tracks have a wide selection of different setups. There are different car setups for different situations, with some tailored for better tyre wear, others designed to put in the fastest lap time possible and more.

How do you create a setup in F1 22?

Anyone can create a setup in F1 22, and it is as easy as adjusting a few options. In our F1 22 complete setup guide we show you how each setup option affects the overall setup of your car and how to make the perfect F1 22 setup.

Meet Our Setup Creators & Authors

Our community, along with our setup creators and authors are the heart of Sim Racing Setup. We have a great team of writers, sim racers and setup creators, and we think you should meet them.

Mjolnir Writer & F1 22 Setup Creator

Mjolnir co-founded Sim Racing Setups with the aim of bringing the best free F1 22 and ACC car setups to the community. Creating a hub for the sim racing community to share and feedback on their own car setups was the goal.

Having been sim racing for over 15 years, and working in real world motorsports, Mjolnir puts his knowledge to good use by being one of the lead F1 22 car setup creators for SRS.

Leo Sousa ACC Setup Creator

Leo has more than 6 years of sim racing experience and is a Ferrari driver expert on Assetto Corsa Competizione. He has spent the past 6 years racing competitively in ACC, as well coaching others and creating car setups. Leo uses his coaching experience to create 3 different car setups per driving style for each track in ACC.

"I’m not an Alien and I’m able to drive fast with a non top steering wheel. That’s why my Setups work for so many people" Leo Sousa

Felix König Setup Creator

Felix König has been sim racing competitively in a variety of Esports competitions around the world for the past 8 years. With a deep love for iRacing and competitive wheel to wheel sim racing, Felix has honed his skills on the track and in the garage.

After spending years sim racing with pre-built car setups, Felix started tinkering himself and developed a knack for fine tuning and creating his own Assetto Corsa Competizione setups and iRacing car setups.